5 Underwear Mistakes that are Bad for Your Health

We all know that undergarments or innerwear play a very important role in making our bodies look perfect. These days, we have the liberty and option to choose the best innerwear as per our body type and problem areas. Still a lot of women across the globe keep making underwear-related mistakes and often end up facing health and other body issues.

5 Underwear Mistakes that are Bad for Your Health

• Back fat and bra bulges

synthetic lingerie

Back fat is a common issue and is faced by many. A lot of women feel that they can make their back fat or bra bulge look better by wearing a bra that’s either too tight or too loose. But, such bras make back fat more prominent. The best way out is to choose bras that are specially designed to curb this issue. You can also opt for a shapewear for this issue as it will firm and smoothen your back fat.

• Synthetic lingerie

Each one of us gets attracted to sexy lingerie, right? But such designs and cuts are mostly available in synthetic fabrics like faux silk, net or lace. Even though a lacy set of lingerie looks amazing, it can irritate your skin and make it sensitive. Also, such fabrics, if worn for a long time and too close to the skin can increase the chances of bacterial and yeast infections. So, for the sake of your own comfort and skin, avoid wearing such lingerie items on day to day basis. Opt for airy undergarments instead in fabrics like cotton.

• Sweaty undies

moisture wick fabric while working out

Sweat creates a huge problem when it comes to your intimate areas. Since the skin there is already sensitive, tight lingerie or wrong fabrics along with sweat can make your skin more irritated. This might also lead to allergies. So, if you sweat a lot during the day, make sure you change your underwear twice a day. Also, opt for moisture-wicking fabrics when you’re working out for added comfort and hygiene.

• Wrong detergents

Most of us use hypo-allergic detergents to wash our undies which, in turn, results in more skin problems. So go for a mild detergent for your undergarments. Such detergents are non-scneted and get washed off easily.

• Shape-wear

impact of shapewear on health

More and more women are opting for shapewear these days, and even I am one of them. I love how they instantly make you appear slimmer and bosst confidence. But, the biggest problem with shapewear is that they are too tight to handle – not for us but for our skin. Shapewear often hurt our skin. If you’re wearing shapewear almost daily to control bulges and fat, after some time you’ll notice an increase in this fat. Also, your skin in such area will appear more lose and rough after a while. So go for shapewear only occasionally.

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