5 Unique Lipstick Colors You’d Love to have in your Collection

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HI Everyone, 🙂

I covered some basic must have lipstick colors yesterday. Today I am sharing colors that are unique , unusual and very pretty inclusions in your collection. They’d probably work for all skin colors. 

A carroty red : You know a carroty red is is the kind of shade that is a little forgiving than red and can be rocked both during day and evening. It has that little hint of pink that adds glow to the complexion. If you are not too comfortable wearing reds, try this. Some suggestions : Lotus Red Rose, Colorbar Shy Cherry, Revlon Cha Cha Cherry .

A purply pink : If you are a fan of purple lipstick but if purples are difficult to pull off for you , try muted purple. Something with a hint of pink. It’s also a cheat color. It makes your teeth look whiter. And it’s a great shade to work with a lot of Indian wear. Some Suggestions : Faces Imperial Purple, Diana of London Soft Plum , L’oreal Arresting .

A bright coraly pink : A beautiful mix of deep coral and a bright pink. So you get the best of orange and fuchsia in a same lipstick but you know..it’s different. 🙂 One of the nicest I have found in this category is MAC Impassioned Lipstick. Some suggestions : Lotus Herbals Carnation, Elle 18 Coral Romance , Clinique Runway Coral

A peachy coral : Sometimes I find that a pure peach color has a tendency to wash out color from your face. But with a hint of coral, it adds nice brightness without being too bright. A beautiful day time color and perfect for those who don’t like to wear bright orange lipsticks. MAC See Sheer, Revlon Kiss Me Coral, Maybelline Keep Me Coral

A peachy N*de : Well, if you are still not able to find your perfect n*de lipstick try the one with a hint of peach. It works sooo beautifully with Indian skin tone. And does not wash out color from your face at all. 🙂 MAC Mocha, Lotus PeachCreme, Lotus My Peach

Here are some from my collection. 🙂 I would absolutely LOVVEE to hear your picks on these kind of shades. Please share them in the comments below. 🙂




5 unique lipsticks

Swatches : l-r YSL rouge Volupte Lipstick #34, Givenchy Croisiere Fuchsia, Bobbi Brown Lipstick Calypso, Rimmel Kate Moss No 9, Bobbi Brown Lipstick N*de 18. 

5 unique lipsticks swatches


35 thoughts on “5 Unique Lipstick Colors You’d Love to have in your Collection

  1. Lovely collection di..im not a lipstick girl..but ill surely find lipglosses in these shades..btw do you have any idea about the similar shades in glosses

  2. *woot* I wait and wait for your lipsticks posts these days *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* makes me wonder why we love lipsticks so much *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. Bobbi Brown n Rimmel look Lovvely!! *preen* *woot*
    Wch shade are u wearin in d pic Rati? It looks so nice! 😀

  4. I loved the rimmel one on you hope it launches here soon, I have revlon cha cha cherry and keep me coral , mac mocha love it thanks to u and lotus my peach yet to find coral pink and purple based pink, looove the first pic 🙂

  5. Nice post as always….I have shy cherry in carroty pink n its amazing.In peaches nude, I have revlon colorburst peach n I love this the most in my collection. In coral pink, I have loreal color riche pink passion. Now I want purply pink or mauve shade badly…. *ghost*

  6. Beautiful Tiny – Miny post *pompom* *pompom*
    Loved all the shades, I own MAC Mocha, Ruby woo and Maybelline Keep me coral out of above. And now, i want to buy something pink from Bobby Brown, it wud be my first ever pick from Bobby Brown, Any suggestions for pink?????
    And Rati….Stunner as always *puchhi* , loved ur cutie pendent and shirt from above look. Could u share please, from where i can buy the same pendent? *scared*

  7. These lipstick posts of yours are definitely making me drooooool *drool* *drool* I want to get Bobbi Brown Calypso! It is such a beaaaautiful shade! *woot* I’m definitely gonna check that out *drool* lovely post! Bookmarking it 😀

  8. Awesome post Rati. *jai ho*
    Can you please suggest how to choose between perfect n*de shade n MLBB shade?

  9. rati di..u hav the most amazing, expressive eyes *puchhi* …lovely pic..i wana add carroty red in my kitty.. *happydance*
    good night

  10. Another awesome post Rati… *clap* *clap* *clap*

    I love such compilations coming from someone who knows lipsticks so well… that’s you 🙂 *jai ho*

    I am making my shopping list for delhi next and these posts are coming in so handy… And you pic indeed is frameable.. I’m sure you must be having a collection by now 🙂 *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

  11. Wow…pretty shades…loved all of them but since im not more of a lippy person and mostly i opt for nudes since i focus on highlighting my eyes..
    but i wud like own one of each shade.

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