5 Ways to Stay Fit and Fabulous during Weather Change

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I am writing this post after almost a year and therefore I am very excited today. Heading towards the post, we shall be focusing on easy ways to keep skin and hair healthy during weather changes. October and March are the months in which our body requires a little extra care because of the constant rise and fall in temperature. This fluctuation leads to an impact on the body and especially, skin and hair. Besides, we often catch cold and fever during this span probably because of sudden temperature modifications. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the body temperature during this time in order to stay fit and fine. Following are the hassle-free ways that can help you keep skin and hair protected from weather changes.

Consume as much liquid as you can

Drinking 10-12 glasses of water is apparently common but you need to include a lot more into your regime in order to keep up with the modifications in weather. Although enough consumption of water keeps you hydrated all day long, you also need to consider other fluids like fruit juice. Besides the intake of citrus fruits and juice, you can also add soup in your diet. In short, a glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast and a bowl of delicious soup in dinner can be a simple way to sustain hydration in the body.

Eat everything in moderation

Have you got this uncontrollable urge to finish that last slice of pizza now? If yes, then you need to watch out your eating habits because this is what will help you combat the adverse effects of weather changes. Let me get this simple for you! Heavy meals make it hard for the digestive system to digest the food completely. Apart from this, researchers have also proved that slow digestion somehow affects the immune system. Therefore, you are required to be careful about your meals especially during this span.

Minimise the intake of caffeine

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There is a classic quote that says, “Too much of anything is good for nothing”. Although, it is almost impossible to imagine a day without a hot cup of tea or coffee, you need to watch the intake of caffeine during this time. There is nothing wrong with beginning your day with bed tea but make sure that you don’t repeat it. A healthy cup of chamomile tea would be the perfect choice to kill the caffeine craving in the middle of the day.

Set a suitable nap time to wake up early

It is said that the level of oxygen in the air is maximum during the morning and that is why it is advantageous to wake up early in the morning. But, today’s lifestyle makes it hard for people to experience fresh air on a regular basis. If you set a suitable nap time, it will be easier for you to get along with your morning routine.

Do not starve

Fasting or strict diet during these months of unsteady temperature may not be a great idea. As mentioned above, it is important to eat in moderation but you also need to avoid starvation. Skipping your meals results in constipation, fatigue and dehydration. In addition to this, starving can also affect the blood sugar, leading to high blood sugar. So, make sure that you don’t starve during this period.

By following these tips, not only will you be able to protect yourself from relentless weather changes, but will also attain few positive changes in your lifestyle. Happy summers ahead. 🙂

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