5 Ways to Use Vetiver Water in Your Beauty Routine

By Apoorva Singh

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Hope you all are doing great. This post is all about the uses of a plant known as “Vetiver”. I was scrolling through an online shopping site looking for some toners, facial mists and, I found a product which mentioned vetiver water. So, I went ahead to discover more about vetiver. Read on to know all about vetiver and its benefits for our skin.

5 Ways to Use Vetiver Water in Your Beauty Routine

What is vetiver?

Vetiver is commonly known as ‘Khus’. Basically, it is a type of grass native to north and west India. The most useful part of vetiver is its roots. It has a very soothing and an earthy fragrance just like the fragrance of pehli baarish. I am sure everyone will love it.

5 Ways to Use Vetiver Water in Your Beauty Routine3

How vetiver water is made?

Well, it is quite simple, and you can make it in your home as well. All you need is some vetiver roots, a clay pot, some lemon slices and water. Place some vetiver roots at the bottom of the clay pot. Fill half of the pot with boiled water and the remaining half with cold water. Leave it for a few hours. Then, add some lemon slices into the water. Store the solution in a spray bottle. Vetiver is also available as vetiver essential oil. But, it has to be used along with a carrier oil (preferably coconut oil).

Ways of using vetiver water:

Vetiver is a multi-purpose plant. It has aromatic, inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It also contains various medicinal values. Here, I’m mentioning its amazing benefits and ways to use it for our skin.

1. As a facial mist: As I have mentioned above, I found it while searching for toners and facial mists. So, it can be used as a toner to instantly freshen up your skin in this hot and humid weather. It’s fresh and soothing fragrance also helps in calming down your skin on a stressful day.


2. In face pack: Vetiver has cooling properties, which will work like a magic on your skin, making it soft, supple and clear. Take two tablespoons of sandalwood powder and mix it with vetiver water. Apply it all over your face and neck. Leave it for a few minutes and wash it off. This face pack will heal your acne and treats your sun damaged skin as well.

3. To heal dry skin: Our skin gets dehydrated instantly because of the hot weather outside. The vetiver plant is famous for its high water holding capacity. Hence, it works fabulously on dry and dehydrated skin. All you need to do is spray some vetiver water when you feel your skin is looking dull, tired and dehydrated.

5 Ways to Use Vetiver Water in Your Beauty Routine1

4. Anti-ageing agent: It contains antioxidants and hydrating elements, which help in preventing premature skin ageing. It normalises all the puffiness on the face. Use it with a carrier oil before sleeping. It will make your skin firm and more youthful.

5 Ways to Use Vetiver Water in Your Beauty Routine2

5. As an exfoliator: All of us either use or have seen a round scrubber made up of grasses. It is none other than vetiver roots. It exfoliates your skin really well. It removes the dead skin cells easily without being harsh on the skin. The next time you use it, just make sure to soak it in water for a few minutes. You will definitely love the pleasant and earthy fragrance.

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