Black Kurti – 5 Ways to wear It

Wear it 5 Ways: The Black Kurti

The kurti is ubiquitous in almost every Indian closet. It’s one of those rare garments that allow one to keep up with being chic and modern while channeling the traditional. The garment has a pervasive presence in any Indian market and you can see kurtis dangling from hangers at the smallest shop to glass windows at larger retailers. If you’re surprisingly unlucky in finding the perfect one for yourself, grab some cloth and get a tailor to whip out one (or more) in no time :)! The popularity of the kurti is only bolstered by its versatility – which happens to be the topic of this post 🙂

Below is 5 creative ways in which you can rock this garment by creating a range of fun and exciting looks!
I started with a simple black kurti with some work in the front. It’s not heavily embellished and can be dressed up or down according to occasion.

black kurti

The Antik Batik Inuit Kurta Source

At $325 (now marked down to $163) this kurti is rather expensive! But the style, work and material make it a standout.

Now let’s get started!
Out Shopping

Out Shopping

When you’re out shopping, grab a pair of boot cut jeans (7 For All Mankind Bombshell bootcut jeans, $265) and cute flat sandals ( Christian Louboutin Hola Chica Flat Sandal, $ 495). The focus in on staying relaxed and making it through a long day while look effortlessly chic. Add a bamboo cuff (pictured here: Gucci – bamboo bracelet with woven motif, $2,150) and for a twist some Africa-inspired ethnic jewelry ( Dangling feature earrings, $ 4.80). Carry a bright handbag to add a pop of color ( Balenciaga “Riva” Bag, $2,890) and a cocktail ring in the same color (Dorothy Perkinns Cocktail Ring, $ 17). Spray on some citrusy perfume ( Moschino Cheap and Chic I Love Love perfume, $55) and you’re ready to take on the day, while looking fabulous of course!

Coffee Date

Coffe Date dressing

For a coffee date with friends or your significant other pair the kurti with khaki shorts. Opt for khaki Bermuda shorts or capris if you’d like a dress more modestly (Vince Khaki shorts, $260). Put on a pair of strappy wedges to glam up the outfit while staying comfortable ( YSL Agadir sandals, $580). Add a studded watch ( Bali Stud Wrap Watch, $ 130) and studded earrings ( Ashley Pittman studded horn shield earrings, $330). Add a pair of retro inspired sunglasses to protect your eyes and chic up the look 🙂 (Alexander McQueen Retro Sunglasses, $325) and a hobo bag to fit all your necessities, like your wallet, makeup bag and perfume 😀 (Ghibli Reptile Leather bag, $336) and speaking of perfume, spritz some fun and feminine perfume like Marc Jacobs Daisy on!

Night Out

For a night out, the kurti can be paired with dark wash skinny jeans for a look that is both sexy and sophisticated ( Levis, $100). Add a pair of super high, super strappy sandals (YSL Tribute Sandals, $895) to make you look statuesque. Add some fun color like Turquoise with a cocktail ring (Dorothy Perkins Peacock ring, $12) and some earrings (House of Harlow by Nicole Richie earrings, $205). You don’t want to carry around a huge bag, so accessorize with a clutch (Alexander McQueen Engraved leaf and Thorn box clutch). Don’t forget some red lipstick (like NARS )and winged eyeliner (like MAC Fluidline), nighttime calls for some extra makeup! Spray on a sexy, oriental perfume like Armani Code for Women to maintain an allure. Accessorize with a woven hair band ( Eugenia Kim Beth Knot Detailed headband, $80) if you want to keep that hair in place while busting out a move on the dance floor!

Date Night

Night Out Dressing

For date night with the hubby, or significant other the kurti can be worn over a denim skirt to create a sexy yet modest look. The full sleeves balance the outfit and keep you from looking too scantily dressed. If you’re uncomfortable showing a lot of leg, opt for a longer skirt that extends just below the knee, the sandals and accessories will bring on the oomph factor. Pick a pair of high heeled metallic sandals ( Raphael Young Ruched Metallic Leather Sandals, $795) to lengthen your legs. Accessorize with oversized crystal accessories, since its nighttime these will make you look glam without looking overly garish (pictured here: Banana Moon Filigree Earrings, $160; Erikson Beamon Cuff, $530; Topshop Ring, $28). Spray on a feminine perfume that’ll keep the attention on you, Chanel Chance perfume is feminine without being overly sweet and wear lots and lots of kohl for an absolutely smoldering look to match your sexy outfit. Carry a small beaded bag to fit in just the essentials, after all you’re not expected to pay 😛 right 😉 (pictured here: Antik Batik Lola Bag, $127).

Family Brunch/Lunch

When visiting family and relatives the kurti can be dressy and demure at the same time. If you’re in the mood to skip ethic clothes for a family outing but still want to impressive, the kurti can be paired with white pants for a look that is easy to wear and looks great! (pictured here: Hudson Jeans pants, $195). Keep jewelry to a minimum, just wear a statement watch in gold tone (pictured here : Chanel ’87 Watch, $1900) and large vintage inspired sunglasses (pictured here: House of Harlow by Nicole Richie 1960 Sasha sunglasses, $149). Opt for strappy sandals (pictured here: Guiseppe Zanoti Sandals, $795) and a studded bag in a neutral color (pictured here: Gucci Studded bag, $2,530) to complete the look. If you want to go bolder wear an orange lip (keep other makeup minimal) and don’t forget to spray on a timeless, feminine scent like Chanel No. 5.

These are only 5 of the myriad ways the kurti can be worn, and that speaks volumes about this classic garment’s versatility.

How do you wear your kurtis? Do you have a favorite look from the above?

P.S. I know the various clothes and accessories in this article are super expensive and unless you’re a multi-millionaire (or married to one) they’re purely for inspiration and lusting after 😛 and in no way were included to incite sticker shock!

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  1. awesome Devie….I likeed the Coffee date wala look the most….very girly and chic!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. The out shopping wala look is so “me” but lovveed the coffe date wala the most. 😀 😀 Had so much fun reading it. Great collages. :victory: :victory:

      1. Thanks Rati! 😀
        @ Swati…that sucks, y’all didn’t get to see the gorgeous Chanel watch 😛 😛

  3. Nice Article Devie… :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
    if i compare than im a “Out Shopping” girl :yahoo: :yahoo: but if i wish that i Love to wear then i will prefer “Coffee Date”… :smug: :smug: 😀 😀

  4. hey i loved the post…. all of them are sooo gud.. loved the 1st and last one d most!! :woot: :heart:

  5. Very nice article Devie 🙂
    I dont have a black kurti but this time I am definitely going to pick one 😀

    1. Haha…I’d like to think this article had something to do with it 😛 😛
      P.S. where is your avatar from? It looks familiar!

        1. I’ve seen this anime character around…but never watched the show! Isn’t it a cartoon aimed at older audiences? Is it funny?
          Are you into anime?

          1. No I am not really into anime,just love this one..yeah it is sort of meant for older audiences,infact it was banned here for a while since a lot of kids were said to have bad influence from it
            So it was redubbed in hindi,its not as hilarious as before but it still has that charm 😀

            1. It’s availible on Netflix….that’s where I saw it! I might give it a shot if I have time…I’ve never watched any anime…the animation looks very confusing to me… lol … redubbed version sounds interesting… lemme try to find it on Youtube 😛

  6. wow devie super article.. liked all the look coffe date being the most favourite :woot: :woot: :woot:

  7. i personally don’t agree that the kurti goes with the khaki bermuda shorts (coffee date), but that’s just my personal opinion. on the other hand, i love the look you’ve created for family brunch/lunch. très chic!

    rati, i think there is some minor problem with the placement of photos towards the end of the article.

    1. this is what i asked Rati above. 😕 . but kabhi nahi sunti ladki..((bahut shaitan hai)).. :lol2: :lol2:

      1. ThanksMiss Rima! I do feel the neck of the this kurti (as pictured) might be too high for the shorts to wear it completely buttoned to the top!
        Again, sucks that the last one didn’t make it 😛 😛

  8. Awesome article Devie! :victory: loved all the looks. I’ve never worn a kurti paired with shorts (denim/khaki) but it does look like an interesting combo esp with the accessories.

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