5 Wonderful Benefits Of Having Oily Skin

Girl 1 – “Hey girl what is your skin type?”
Girl 2 – “Please don’t ask me …I’m not blessed with a good and supple skin of yours, I can’t apply makeup on my oily skin. I wish I could have the same skin like yours”

The above situation remains the same for all the Indian women with natural oil present in their skin. I don’t understand why people hesitate to speak about their skin type when it’s an oily one. This is the time to express and celebrate your oily skin. The phenomenon is very common with everyone – when you have dry skin, you adore oily skin and the ladies with oily skin just can’t stop cursing themselves for their skin type. There are always two sides of the coin, and the other side is pretty beautiful, which is usually ignored since we are not aware about. Although we have disadvantages of oily skin, we also have some good and healthy benefits. After reading this post, I’m sure ladies with oily skin will surely celebrate and flaunt their skin proudly and will adore it too.


1. Natural glow


You will always observe a unique shine and a glow on your oily face. This is due to the natural oil content in the skin. You don’t need to waste your time with Vaseline or any glowing cream to make your skin glow and shine, it is naturally present, and you will never feel short of it. Oil on your skin perfectly suits you, so hold your head high to show off your oily skin.

2. Anti-ageing

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People with dry and sensitive skin are more prone to the ageing symptoms. You can develop wrinkles, fine lines on your skin at a younger age, which is not the case with oily skin. The natural oil content present on your face camouflages the wrinkles and fine lines. The rate of ageing on oily skin is much slower than dry and sensitive skin. There are no chances of freckles or brown spots to find a place on your oily skin either.

3. Low maintenance


While others are busying hauling different products which can make their skin shine and glow, you are just enjoying your natural skin. Oily skin has the lowest maintenance; you do not need to waste money to buy cosmetics to pamper your skin. You just need a face wash to wash your face and a little of makeup to enhance your features.

4. Ease of application

Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin

You have natural oil content present on your face, which helps your foundation and powder to spread equally. You don’t need to apply heavy foundation and makeup; all you need to do is wash your face, and a single wipe of foundation or powder on your face is enough. The oil holds the foundation on your skin well and makes it last longer.

5. Healthy skin

Young tanned woman with blond hair.

And oil will keep your skin well-nourished and moisturised, people will dry skin need to buy various expensive day and night creams and products, to keep their skin healthy and soft. Oily skin is also resistant to various environmental changes and also tans evenly. It gives a beautiful look and shine on tan skin too.

Hope you all found this post useful and would never speak just about the side effects of having an oily skin, there are benefits to have an oily skin which are always left ignored. Change your perspective and you will feel the world is a better place to live in.

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