Over 50 DIY Bindi Designs

Over 50 DIY Bindi Designs

During my college days my bindi designs were pretty popular as I used to draw my own new designs everyday. Over a period of time [don’t know how] I stopped wearing bindis and I had almost forgotten that I used to sport so many different bindis in the past !!! When I was keeping Bindi for Neya it actually came to my mind and I thought I should share few of those designs to you ladies here at IMBB.

I have drawn a few designs in a paper to show it you.

Bindi Designs
Bindi Designs

You can use any eyeliner to draw it or Lakme Eyeartist will also help a lot. All the designs I have drawn here are simple and easy ones, so do try it and let me know your experience. To make it more interesting you can even try adding colors to these bindis. We get liquid colours in the shops especially for bindis which can be used to add colors.

Here are few simple easy strokes.

Bindi Designs
Bindi Designs

I have mostly used lines than curves as it is more easy to draw lines in the forehead. I have also enlarged the designs for better clarity, so the size of these bindis can be altered according to how broad or narrow your forehead is. I always prefer small ones so I make sure I draw very small and short lines when I draw these designs. While trying it for the first time, just keep a cotton swab dipped in oil with u, so that any mistakes can be corrected immediately. Everything comes over practice, so as you keep practicing you do not need any cotton swab by your side πŸ™‚

Mathematical symbols can also be tried and trust me it looks cool and chic.

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Bindi Designs
Bindi Designs

The second line shows how the design can be developed into a bigger or more complex one. These designs can also be used individually or clubbed together and drawn as a bigger bindi as shown in the 2nd row last. Both ways it is easy and look good too.

The third line again shows how one simple < and > symbols can be used in different ways according to one’s choice and style. I used to wear all long and big bindis when I wear saree and the small and tiny ones when I wear salwars and tees. The size of my bindi goes smaller as my clothes go from traditional to western πŸ˜‰ Sometimes it even becomes invisible and my granny keeps shouting at me πŸ˜‰

The next set of designs are again easy and simple strokes but a mix of curves and lines.

Bindi Designs
Bindi Designs

First line shows designs with the base as alphabet ‘Y’ and the second line shows designs with base as diamond shape. First row last and Second row last designs are usually worn while I am rushing in the mornings to catch my college bus. Easiest and simplest at the same time attracts attention.

The third and fourth lines are again simple floral design and arrow design respectively. One my friend was crazy about floral design and she kept insisting me on trying all new floral designs. I have forgotten almost most of it now πŸ™ Wish I had noted it down in a paper then, but I am sure I would have lost that paper by now.

Finally a cute smiley that would bring a smile to anyone who has a conversation with us. A very cute design that was loved by everyone around me. ‘:)’ This way also the smiley would work.

So ladies, hope you all liked this post. Eagerly waiting for your feedback.


43 thoughts on “Over 50 DIY Bindi Designs

  1. THIS IS SO SO awesome and very different article aarthi
    Although i do not wear bindis
    i appreciate the effort πŸ˜€ taken to draw all these designs

    good lord.i sound so formal.. πŸ˜›

    Okay nice article πŸ˜‰
    Will it show it to my mom

  2. Very beautiful designs Aarthi …neya must be proud to have a mother like u ….

    Hey a quick question here little off the topic….I m using Maybelline gel liner and simply simply loving it …..I wanna know how to clea the brush that comes with it and how often?

  3. What a creative outlet! Wonderful article Aarthi. I love the mathematical signs & the smiley face best. They’re super cute & will make anyone who looks at you smile. Two thumbs up for this unique article :yes: :yes:

    I had gone through a phase of buying LOTS of bindis a few years ago. I kept them in such good condition that I still have all of them. But I rarely use them now. Must start again.

  4. This reminds me so much of what I used to do…the only difference being that I never wore bindis to college..only for formal ocassions in the family..!!some of my notebooks had the last page covered with these bindis design…!!

  5. lovely..am a complete bindi person..i also draw such designs..thnx so much for this…am getting eye artist now πŸ™‚

  6. Neha,i agree. yes, indeed tis is so creative aarthi. i used to make such bindi designs whenever i used to wear suits to college :-)now, i just use kajal and lipstick for daily wear.

  7. luved ur post aarthi :clap: .. i too luv to put up bindi designs using eyeliners n the small colored round bindis πŸ˜€ .. my bindi designs were also very famous during my working days as no bindis allowed in college πŸ™ .. so really feeling nostalgic after reading ur post πŸ˜› .. still sumtimes i do try to put up bindi the same way..i think these really suit all Indian beauties so every1 shud try these out… :yes: :yes: luved the designs in ur last pic.. quite complex to c bt very easy to make.. :-)) :laugh: :clap: :clap:

  8. I am a bindi freak………..I am going to try from some of these…….but the thing is I don’t have a steady hand and will make a mess….. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ ….that;s why I always go for the black round bindis….. :chic:

  9. omg so she is called Neya? lovelyy name Aarthi!! what does it mean? and veryy pretty bindi designs! πŸ™‚ reminded me of the shilpa round dabba with lots of coloured liquid bindis. :D:P:P
    oh and did you know it was Paresh Rawals wife on the dabba? Swaroop Sampat. :P:D

  10. Hey I lovved the rising sun design… :yes: :yes: I’ll make the sun red and the rays golden… :-/ :-/
    And me too buy Lakme eye liner specifically to make bindis… πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  11. hi aarthi…very well done.. i love ur desigs n the knack of it…..i just recently got married,…bt ve been n ardent readr n a die hard fan of IMBB….will definite put these designs to use….

  12. thanks aarthi .actually i searched for my kid, i always use stickers for her but its very easy & superb.
    i will try it….. πŸ™‚

  13. Hey Aarthi.. u make me nostalgic..A friend of mine & me used to experiment with liner bindis so much that our bindis depicted our moods…a smiley fr happy..a frown fr anger (very artistically drawn infact so it doesnt easily show πŸ˜‰ ), & so on. I remember once we were homesick & drew a gal walking wid a suitcase in hand goin home πŸ˜› .Angels with halo, icecreams, candies…the list goes on!! Ain’t it just soo much fun!! πŸ™‚

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