50 Simple Money Saving Tips For Frugal Ladies

With end of reason sales,  new products, gadgets, and clothes, it’s quite natural to get tempted and spend lots of money on things that you feel you need, but then they burn a huge hole in your pocket, leaving you with just a little money to save. For all of you who feel you are in the same boat, check out these 50 Simple Money Saving Tips.

  1. For shopping, keep products in the cart or in your wishlist, wait till they get down to a good discount, and then you can purchase them at good price.
  2.  Try makeup at the stores to be sure about the foundation or the lipstick shade, but shop online, to bag more discounts and get reward points also.
  3. Never order beverages if you want to save money, frugally, always sip on water at the restaurant or movies, moreover, plain water is healthy and would not cause weight gain.
  4. Rather than going to the restaurants, try arranging pot parties at home, this is how you have the freedom to talk non-stop with your friends.
  5. Make DIY gifts instead of buying expensive gifts.
  6. Open a recurring account if you can because that will force you to save a fixed amount every month.
  7. Master the 30-days rule! Write down all that you want to buy and then still after 30 days, if you feel like buying that, go ahead and grab it. This is how you will save loads of money by not buying unwanted items.
  8. These days online subscriptions are famous and you can’t stop that binge once you start it. Rather than buying all subscriptions yourself, share it with your friends, share teh amount and save a little.
  9. Shop with a list. Roaming around without a list, you would be ending up spending more, on things which you do not require.
  10. If you go to office or college, pack lunch from home, this way you will save up a lot on outside food.
  11. Use coupons, offers or discounts when booking a table at a restaurant or ordering outside food.
  12. When visiting grocery stores, if you find good deals or buy 1 get 1 free types, then stock up on those products that you might need in the future.
  13. Buy larger packs, be it grocery or toiletries as you can bag larger discounts and save some bucks.
  14. Avoid shopping for 2-3 items. Make a full grocery list and then go for shopping.
  15. Use your electrical gadgets and appliances wisely. Keep the switch off when it is not needed. Do not keep the TV on when you are doing something else.
  16. Cancel your land-line if you no more use it and switch to mobiles.
  17. At a single time, use only a few skin-care products as using a lot of products might ruin the skin. So save some money, do not get a new one till you finish the last one.
  18. Most of the women stop going to the gym after the 1st month itself after making the payment for 6 months and even one year. Use free workout apps on your phone instead.
  19. Eat food and go for movies. This is how you won’t spend unnecessarily.
  20. Watch movies only that you want to. Try watching movies online as now we have ample of digital platforms to watch movies.
  21. Rather than buying books, pick them on rent. There are many free apps on the phone too where you can read books.
  22. Invest in gold coins, whether it’s 1 gm or 2 gm. This is how the money is not visible, but you are still saving for future.
  23. Go hiking or do fun outdoor activities on your free days rather spending at expensive malls and stores.
  24. Give your saved money to your friend/closed one rather than keeping it at home or else you might end up spending it.
  25. Remove cash from your card and then use it. Using cash helps limit expenses.
  26. Maintain a journal, keep a budget or a target and move accordingly, spending and saving according to that journal. Also, there are a lot of tracker apps where you can track your spendings on.
  27. Pay bills on time to end up not paying penalty, in fact, pay earlier to avail special discounts.
  28. When going for vacations, book slightly out of the town to get better deals. Take advantage of online discounts of booking early. Also use local vehicles rather than booking cars when travelling.
  29. Don’t blindly choose a cheap item which is on discount just because you want to save. This way, it will have a low durability and then you will have to again buy a new one in a short time.
  30. Switch DIY waxing at home rather than spending a lot of money in expensive salons.
  31. Do facials at home with at-home facial kit rather than doing it at the salon.
  32. Use DIY face packs, hair spas or beauty products. Make them at home that are 100% effective and save money on whooping high products.
  33. Keep your functions simpler. Make them elegant but do not end up spending a lot that you cannot afford for that one single day.
  34. Do not fall for weight loss powders, supplements, sauna belts to lose weight, eat healthy and follow Rati Beauty diet programs to lose weight the healthy way.
  35. Buy anything second hand if you cannot buy the fresh ones. Second hand goods work equally well if you pick the right piece.
  36. Keep a ‘no-spend day’ in your week. On this day, you will not spend on anything at all apart from essentials. Also, if you want to tighten up the purse a bit more, make it for two days.
  37. If you have a stable income, start SIP mutual funds investments. It starts from just Rs 500 a month. It gets cut every month and get accumulated for any big need that might come. This will create a saving habit. Start with a small amount and increase when convenient.
  38. Don’t over-shop for your kids because probably in the next year, those expensive clothes or shoes won’t even fit them as they grow super fast! They look cute in anything anyway, so relax.
  39. Make drinks at home instead of going to the bar, the job gets done in half the price!
  40. Grow veggies and fruits at home if you like. This helps save and you will have that fresh oxygen at home too.
  41. Don’t go for very expensive brands, they have higher prices for their brand name and good-will that doesn’t matter to us. Be it food or clothes, try regular brands that offer same things at a lesser price.
  42. Turn off the lights when not using them.
  43. If possible, do things for side income like taking tuitions, bake cakes and cookies and it can become a business too.
  44. Ask yourself “Do I need this?” before you proceed to buy anything.
  45. Cut your own hair, this can be fun and once you master it, you would enjoy the process.
  46. For eyebrows, use eyebrow razors if you are comfortable to save spending on threading each month.
  47. If you have debts, keep a proper book about it and keep an envelope aside. Put in cash that you will only pay off and not use.
  48. Talk to family, friends when you have to save a lot and have debts, this helps to calm down away from anxiety.
  49. Never give up!
  50. Never spend all that you have/earn. Always keep a wallet and keep 40% of that amount in it or open and account and deposit 40% of your income if you earn. If you do not earn, still deposit 40% of whatever you get from your family.

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