6 Actually Good Reasons to Lose Weight

By Shelly Francis

The Internet has tones of reasons to lose weight. Some of the most common reasons include to look flattering in clothes, to keep diseases and heart issues at bay, to find soul mate, to impress your crush, to have better health, to feel confident, to fit in the so-called ‘perfect’ world. But today, we are discussing underrated, ignored but highly relevant reasons to shed those extra pounds! Read below!

6 Actually Good Reasons to Lose Weight

1. For Better Joints Health: According to a survey, people who weigh heavy or those individuals whose body store higher fat tissue are more like to get Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. It is a common disease and can affect almost anyone, but people with a heavier body are more likely to get affected by it. It can affect any joint of the human body, like knees, elbow, hips, lower back and neck, small joints of the finger, etc. People suffering from osteoarthritis have issues to walk or move as the effected area triggers pain. Arthritis is a chronic illness and it can hurt the joints and eventually, you move less and worsen the illness. This makes it an excellent reason to make lifestyle changes and choose the path of fitness!

2. To Improve Your Immune System: Fat is an endocrine organ. That secretes hormones and cytokines (which is a cell signaling molecules). Surprisingly, hormones and cytokines are chatty and talk to each other chemically. Thus, they need to be in balance. But, if there is too much fat, things can go wrong and can affect the immune system. To avoid extra fat, you can read your labels, count your calories/macros throughout the day to be on a safer, healthier side. Increased Body mass index (BMI) and higher fat have a higher risk of several kinds of infections like stomach infections, nose-sinus infections, Herpes, etc. This is because of excess amounts of adipose-fat tissue which releases high amounts of immune chemicals. Over time, the body’s ability to spot actual outside infection is affected and your body is prone to certain infections.

3. To Survive Delivering Your Baby: People with higher fat have issues during and after delivering the baby like they have longer operating time, they have a higher risk of infections, they have postoperative complications and it’s difficult to intubate. Also, most obese women cannot give birth naturally and need to undergo Caesarean sections. If an obese woman wants to deliver naturally, she may need more instruments and medical procedures. Obese women may take some time to recover post-pregnancy compared to an average-sized woman. Thus loose weight to have a better pregnancy and speedy recovery!

4. To Enjoy Life’s Most Ordinary Blessings: There is a huge list of things that are difficult for an obese woman to perform like running after kids, playing with them, carrying babies in the supermarket. But, a healthy woman enjoys spending time in the park, has higher energy levels, recovers fast after illness and can walk without getting tired quickly.

5. To Get Better Sleep: People with higher fat can potentially get sleep apnea. Fat in the airway narrows the space available, which makes the airway prone to collapsing. Fat in the upper body reduces the space for lungs causing breathing issues while sleeping. The body needs more oxygen but it is unable to get due to fat. It is founded that almost 25 percent of adults have sleep apnea, and 50 percent of obese adults are suffering from it. How does sleep apnea affect weight? Sleep plays a very important role in regulating metabolism. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can affect metabolism. This means there is hormonal imbalance and there is a higher risk of chronic diseases. By losing weight, not only you’ll sleep better but your mind, body, and soul will work more efficiently. Thus, your metabolic rate will spike up and hormones will be well-balanced.

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6. For Uncountable Benefits: With a healthy amount of body fat, daily life struggles can become a little bit easier. Have a look at these positive changes that can occur after shedding weight, your joints will thank you, cold will go away faster, you get to sleep like a baby, a speedy recovery after surgery and not to mention some attention from the opposite sex!

I hope this article influences you to lose those extra pounds, DO it for yourself and believe that you can do it!


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