6 Anti-Tan Treatments for a Radiant Skin

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Vacations are right around the block and many of us are getting ready to jet set to one of those sunny tropical destinations all ready to enjoy the sun, sea and beach.

6 Anti-Tan Treatments for a Radiant Skin

While the above sounds like immense fun, Indian skin is prone to getting tanned super fast. What can I say? It’s just the way things are. So if you want to enjoy the sun while it lasts (especially for those ladies living outside of India) and not pull your tresses because of the post sun kissed skin, read on to find out 6 easy ways to get rid of your tanned skin.

6 Anti-Tan Treatments for a Radiant Skin

1. With a slice of lime: Lime and lemon are probably the most well known home remedies for getting rid of tanned skin. Lime juice and tomato juice are great de-pigmentation solutions for the dark skin, using it daily before you shower would soon result in a lighter skin.

6 Anti-Tan Treatments for a Radiant Skin

2. Gram flour and yogurt: Ladies its time to bring out your grandmother’s old book of remedies. Till date my cousins and I are forced to apply this mixture post our vacations when the tanned skin is too much for our grandmothers to handle. Mix gram flour with yogurt and voila, your homemade treatment is ready to use, while this lightens your skin it also acts like an exfoliator that gets rid of the invisible dead skin.

6 Anti-Tan Treatments for a Radiant Skin

3. Serums and anti-tan creams: Going all natural is the perfect way to achieve lighter skin, but using hydrating serums on your sun kissed skin is an alternative approach as an anti-tan treatment. Kojic acid mixed with hyaluronic is perfect to soothe your over exposed skin as well as lighten your skin. Speaking to a dermatologist is the best option before experimenting your way down to the chemist.

6 Anti-Tan Treatments for a Radiant Skin

4. Microdermabrasion Treatments: Its sister treatment dermabrasion is relatively famous for getting rid of acne scars or scars in general, microdermabrasion is a less aggressive treatment that will help in reducing dark pigmentation caused by tanning. With the help of tiny crystals sprayed on to your skin, the outer layer of your skin is removed and say hello to brighter and fairer skin.

6 Anti-Tan Treatments for a Radiant Skin

5. Papaya and Honey Face pack: For natural skin tone restoration and less costly alternatives try making a papaya and honey face pack for best results. Papaya, a great source of skin renewal and whitening and skin restoration, will target the pigmented skin resulting in a clearer complexion. Mix ½ cup mashed papaya and a tablespoon of honey, apply for half an hour and rinse well.

6 Anti-Tan Treatments for a Radiant Skin

6. Skin Lightening treatments and peels: Derived from fruit juices, peels are perfect for attacking pigmented skin. This treatment helps in reduction of dead skin with the help of exfoliation and also decreases uneven pigmentation. Regular treatments over a course of time will create a dramatic difference.

So if you are like me and love lazing around in the sun but hate the tanned after effect, do give one of these treatments a go and remember to consult an expert before going ahead with the clinical treatments. Now embrace the sun and don’t dread the sun.

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