6 Awesome Tips for Those Who Are Attending a Summer Wedding

Hi sweethearts,
We all know how most of the weddings get postponed because of Indian summers. The weather ruins everything from clothes to makeup. We all are of guilty of turning down so many wedding invitations because of the terrible heat. But, with the help of some tips and tricks, we can enjoy a summer wedding as well. Of course, we can’t control the temperature but we can always make some changes in our routine for the same. Please keep on reading to explore how to rock a drop dead gorgeous wedding guest look in hot Indian summers.

day wedding

1. Pick summery fabrics:

Choose the dresses which are made of breathable fabrics. In Indian summer, you sweat so heavy that you definitely need to avoid the fabrics which can make you sweat even more. Go for cotton, linen and rayon. Silk and other synthetic fabric can increase your body temperature during a day time wedding.

2. Avoid full sleeves and suffocating neck designs:

summer wedding dresses
Wearing full sleeves with embellishments are such a wedding bling thing. But, in summers we need to avoid these full sleeves to feel more free and comfortable. Arms can sweat a lot in tight full sleeves and embellishments can irritate your skin as well. Same goes with necklines, high necks and such similar smothering neck designs should be totally avoided in summers.

3. Tie those tresses:

In summers, loose hair gets messy very soon. Scalp gets sweaty, itchy and oily in an hour or two. In day time weddings during summers, a messy bun, a braid, a messy hair-do or anything that makes you tie your hair up nicely is your thing. Trust me, you will feel comfortable and free to enjoy every function of the wedding without worrying about your hair getting messy and limpy.

4. Sweat proof makeup:

fresh makeup
Go for a matte makeup look. Use a primer to control oil and keep the colors soft. Day time weddings don’t call for an overly highlighted look. So, go light handed on highlighting and contouring. You can go for a lip pop or an eye shadow pop, one at a time. Keep a small powder brush and your oil controlling translucent powder handy for quick touch ups. Blotting paper is also helpful in absorbing the extra oil.

5. Minimal Accessories:

statement necklace
No look is complete without a touch of bling. In summers, this bling should be kept minimal. Go for heavy earring with bare neck, a statement neck piece with bare ears or invisible kind of studs, statement bangles instead of a dozen of bangles and so on. Keep it light and you will feel light throughout the wedding. Also, it will reduce the chances of any sweat related allergies on the skin.

6. Carry your shades:

You may need to move here and there in sun during the wedding; that dear uncle calling for Varmala, which he left in car, looking for your little cousins in the open greens of the venue and so on. You might need to face the sun and having your sunnies will save your eye makeup and of course your eyes as well from getting red, itchy and teary. Did you know Gul Panag wore sunnies to her own wedding and she looked super cool as bride? If a bride can rock her sunnies with the bridal attire, why can’t we as a guest?

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