6 Beauty Products that can Harm Your Skin if Overused

When it comes to beauty, we always desire to get something more and better. We love to use more of makeup as we feel that it makes one look beautiful and flawless. However, sometimes, too much of makeup is not only bad for your face but also affects your skin in several ways. To find out which products I am talking about, please continue reading.




Perfectly applied lipstick is a great sight for everyone but one biggest disadvantage of using lipsticks is that they suck out the moisture from the lips. So, it is always better to use a lip balm and then apply lipstick.


Every one of us loves to use primers as they help us get a flawless. Primers help to keep your foundation in place for hours and hours and also create a smooth base for makeup. 80 percent of primers contain silicones which adhere to the uppermost layer of the skin. If you have an acne prone skin, using any random primer can lead to breakouts and clogged pores. So research well and choose the one that’s meant for your skin type.

Falsies and extensions


False eyelashes and extensions may look good on weddings but they may damage your natural lashes. The glue that’s used to stick the extensions, pull and damage your natural lashes. So, avoid wearing falsies and extensions for a long period of time.

Petroleum jelly

If you have chapped skin, petroleum jelly is one of the best products to be used. But the problem is that it never really gets absorbed completely by your skin. This property prevents the hydration from getting inside the skin. Excessive use of petroleum jelly may lead to excessive dryness. You can use it as a skin healer but it cannot replace a moisturiser.

Cleansing brushes


Cleansing brushes are great to clear your pores. You should be using a cleansing brush to get rid of dirt and dust that get accumulated on the upper layer of the skin. However, overuse of such brushes can damage your skin and lead to several skin disorders due to the bacteria present in it. If you want to prevent your skin from getting damaged, you should clean it every single day.


As I said before, overuse of beauty products can affect your skin. Similarly, using conditioners on a regular basis is not a good thing. Every one of us uses a conditioner because it helps to restore the shine and moisture. But, overuse of conditioner may leave your hair lifeless and your scalp greasy. If you want gorgeous-looking hair, you should apply your conditioner only on the ends.

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