6 Best Workouts to Do when You have Your Periods

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We all have been advised time and again to refrain from working out during our periods. Elders at home always advise to rest more and avoid any kind of exercise during those days. But does it really help? None of the medical practitioners or doctors suggest to stay away from your regular exercise routine unless you are not comfortable doing it. I agree, working out might get a little messy and uncomfortable but tampon is a great option if you are determined enough and don’t want to lose a whole week from from your fitness journey.
6 Best Workouts to Do when You have Your Periods
Earlier I also used to avoid working out and used to lie down the whole day like a couch potato! But after some research and experimenting a little, I found out that working out actually eases out the pain and cramping. So, today I’ll be sharing some easy ways to incorporate workouts during that time of the month.

Walking, light jogging, yoga, dancing, standing workout and aerobics are some forms of exercise that you can easily do depending on your comfort and fitness level. I usually increase my walk time by 30 minutes than my regular days and do a bit of stretching along with it. This keeps me active and on my toes even during my periods.

Mentioned below are some easy exercises that you can follow to achieve your fitness goals even when you are on your periods:

Brisk Walk:

This is the best form of cardio that you can do without any injury or mess. Walking releases the tension in your calf and thigh muscles, easing out the pain a bit. It’s not necessary to walk really fast. Listen to your body and do as much as possible.


yoga during periods
Yes, you can indulge in some relaxing yoga poses and stretching exercises. You belly is a little sensitive during this time, so staying away from poses that focus on your belly like kapalbhati can be a good idea. Otherwise, regular asanas can be done without much hassle. One more important advice is to avoid inverted poses as they might increase the menstrual flow.


It’s completely safe to perform aerobics during that time of the month. You get to expel some sweat off your body making you feel relaxed. Also, the endorphins released during exercise helps you manage your mood swings well.


dance class
Put some music on and get on the floor, ladies! Telling you a secret: mostly when I have an important wedding to attend, my monthly cycle rings the bell. But I never miss out on the wedding fun due to that! You can dance to the core with absolutely no issues. This is my tried-and-tested form that never fails.

Lifting some weights:

Yes, you can lift weights in your comfort zone. Don’t try to overdo it as your body is already sore. But if you are a regular weight lifter and have enough practice then go for it.


jogging during periods
You can definitely go for a jog or a light run. The endorphins keep you happy and active. Don’t forget to hydrate well as the fluid loss is little more during these days. You need to gulp down as much fluids as possible in the form of water, fresh juices, or buttermilk.

So, you see, your periods aren’t actually that bad! You can do whatever you want and feel as normal as any other day. My biggest advice is to stick to your comfort zone. Work out to a level that’s comfortable for your body. Eat healthy and stay hydrated!

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