6 Classic Nail Shapes You Can Try

6 Classic Nail Shapes You Can Try

The shape of your nails is something that has to be beautiful yet practical for your daily life. Along with color and length, the shape of the nail you choose speaks volumes about who you are and what you want to show the world. Here are some nail shapes that are most popularly chosen:



If you are someone who feels manicures and nail arts are not for you, plus you think you have busy hands where shapes can be hard to maintain,go for short natural shape.Just file along the natural nail shape, this would be a mirror for the shape. This is the most low maintenance nail shape.




For weak nails, with small nail bed, this is an ideal nail shape.This could also give you a look of longer slender fingers and hands.Just make sure the length is small or else the edges could break.



This is most popular nail shape around, square at the top, oval and rounded at the edges.This is also the most feminine looking nail shape.The longer the nail, the harder this shape will it be to maintain it. This would also make fingers appear slender but opt for this is you think your nails are strong.



This is another natural looking nail shape like the short one.This is almost like the natural nail shape but nail are slightly longer than the first option in this post.this is also right for wider nail beds and for busy hands including cooking, gardening etc, since this is pretty and yet a short style to maintain.




This is best suited to hand that do not have much work like typing etc.This is almost like the round shape but still the nail has to be long including a long nail bed, for the shape to work. This will be hard enough to type or use the touch phone. This needs regular filing as this could be flatten to a squoval in no time with work.



This is the most vampy and vixen nail shape around and it is surely not for the faint of heart and it could speak volumes about you.This being the most hard to maintain nail shape, this would you file well, have long and very strong nails and most important,it will need loads of attitude to be pulled off.

pointed nails


My favorite is square and oval and currently my nails are square, what shape is your favorite? 🙂 do comment and tell us.

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8 thoughts on “6 Classic Nail Shapes You Can Try

  1. I’d make my nails the pointed shape if I had the patience to maintain it and weren’t taking care of little kids right now. They’re like pretty claws. Might help with self-defense too. 🙂

  2. I always keep my nails in an almond shape (pointed). Whatever the length, it’s my favourite shape! Many of my friends have said “hey I like what you’ve done to your nails!” lol Specially when I paint them bright or do a marble effect, they look even more amazing 🙂

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