6 Common Curly Hair Myths, Busted!

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Today I am here to bust some myths about curly hair. Stay tuned for some interesting fun facts.

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Ideally, to manage frizz and minimise the damage you should keep switching between hot mode and the cool air mode on your dryer. There should be no exception to this rule for curly-haired beauties. The hot air usually loosens the hair follicles. Whereas, cool air locks in the moisture and makes your hair shinier and healthier.

Also, one more mistake that many people make with the hair dryer is shaking it back and forth in order to prevent overheating of the hair. This trick has no logic behind it, and ideally, you should hold your dryer 6 inches away from your hair and never stay in the same section for too long to prevent overheating.

Use a ton of conditioner

Instead of loading a lot of the wrong conditioners, invest in a good quality conditioner meant for your hair type and the one which suits your needs the best. Mix your leave-in conditioner with some water and store it in a spray bottle for on-the-go use. This trick also lets you control water:conditioner ratio according to how curly, frizzy and thick your hair is. This trick will give you better-defined and voluminous curls with minimum frizz.

Put dollops of product on your palm to tame your tresses

The biggest sin that you could commit while styling your curly hair is not using your fingers but the whole palm to cover your tresses with the product. For a manageable look, part your hair in sections and work through each one of them in a downward motion with your fingertips to spread the product evenly through your hair.

Say no to poo

While it is true that curly hair need not be washed every day, going for longer periods of time without any shampoo could seriously damage your scalp and block in all the oil and grease. The origin of this myth was the harsh chemicals present in the shampoo which dry out the already dry curly hair. To be on a safer side, use a mild, everyday shampoo to clean your scalp every other day and you are good to go.

Curly hair grows at a snail’s speed

Curly hair grows at a similar pace like any other hair type, but just because they grow in curls and spirals, they look like they are not really growing out at all. So, in case you have curly hair and want your hair growth to look evident, stay healthy and drink lots of water to help your hair grow out at a faster pace.

You can cut your hair the same way other hair types are cut

Curly hair reacts in a different manner to heat and moisture as compared to the other hair types. So, while it might be okay to cut straight and fine hair when it is wet, it is certainly not okay to do the same with gorgeous curly voluminous locks. Ideally, curly hair should be cut when they are dry to avoid shrinkage issues and prevent cutting down more than what you initially planned.

So, these were some myths that got busted today. Hope this made for an interesting read.

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