6 Common Sins We Commit while Using Liquid Eyeliners + 7 Excellent Eye Makeup Tips

By Anshu Bhatia

Hi beauties!
Here I am with another article, and it’s about eye liners, liquid ones to be precise. Liquid eye liner has been every woman’s best friend since eternity. But we do tend to make some mistakes with our little black magic wands. Even I am not a pro at applying liquid eyeliners, but I have managed not to create a mess every time I reach out for them by learning from my mistakes. I would like to share some mistakes and their solutions in this article.
6 Common Sins We Commit while Using Liquid Eyeliners

1. Taking too much product in one go

Take small amount of product on the wand and then apply it in little gentle strokes . That way, you will feel more control and the chance of messing up will also decrease. We mostly tend to take too much on the wand, especially on the tip, and end up creating zigzag kind of eyeliner. Joining one stroke with another is very helpful when you want a fine eyeliner.

eyeliner application

2. Not resting your hand

eye liner meme
If you think liquid eyeliners sense all your fears and mess up on their own, you might be wrong. Just by resting your hand on the table or your little finger on your cheek, you can avoid that wobble.

3. Copying without thinking

deepika padukone winged eye liner
You see Deepika‘s perfect cat eye or Sonam‘s, and you want that as it is on your eyes! That’s not really wise. Why, you ask? Because every eye shape is different and one must accept that. Cat eye doesn’t suit everyone. Thin or thick, elongated wing, or the regular traditional eyeliner-whatever you want from your liquid eyeliner-make sure it suits your eye. I have mono-lid and winged eye is such a pain for me. I apply liquid eyeliner in a shape which might not be named, but it suits me and makes my eye shape more flattering.

4. Trying to paint one fine line in one attempt

Doesn’t matter how much control you feel over that eyeliner wand, an attempt to apply it in one go always invites mess. This also calls for uneven eyeliners on both eyes. Using small lines and filling the gaps always helps in creating similar eyeliner look on both eyes.

5. Skipping primer

Your eyelid might be too dry, too oily or pigmented. A primer solves all these problems and creates a perfect canvas for your liquid eyeliner. Trust me, a primer and a matte powder on top of it can make your liquid eyeliner stand out a lot more than it ever did.

rati beauty ad

purple eyeliner

6. Not balancing top and bottom lash

You apply the blackest black liquid eyeliner on the top and leave bottom lash bare! That’s a sin. It look unappealing. Our guru, Rati Ji, always balances her top and bottom lash. Please refer her gorgeous gorgeous makeup looks. You can use black kohl or a black eye-shadow and create a smudged look . You can also use some eye-shadow matching to your outfit on your bottom lash to enhance your eye makeup.

Some Excellent Eye Makeup Tips:

1. A nude eyeliner or an inner eye brightener really makes that liquid eyeliner look great. You look 50% more awake with a nude eyeliner.
perfect eye make up

2. Can’t invest in an eye primer? Use a BB cream and apply your regular mattifying powder on top; you are good to go!

3. After applying your mascara, see the extension of your last lash and extend your liquid eyeliner to that point; this will fake fuller lashes and bigger eyes.

4. Messed your liquid eyeliner? Dip the finest of your eye makeup brushes in makeup remover and correct it without going all over again.

5. If in hurry, go for a pencil or gel eyeliner because liquid eyeliners need some patience. They surely look more appealing, but patience is the key to a great looking liquid eyeliner.

6. Go for an eye liner brush if you are not satisfied with the wand of your eyeliner.

7. If you like to go heavy with kohl on your lower lash and always end up with panda eyes, try using waterproof liquid eyeliner as a lock-line for your kohl.

So that’s that! I hope this will help every beauty out there who is struggling with her liquid eyeliner. Looking forward to share more of my experiences through IMBB. Tadaaa! 🙂

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