6 Different Types of Butter to Pamper Your Skin this Winter

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Natural butter is a superfood for your skin. They are intensively moisturising and their rich emollient properties make them a widely sought after ingredient for body lotions and creams. Butter is derived from natural sources and contain healthy fatty acids which repair and revive your skin. Today, I will be sharing 6 natural kinds of butter which your skin can feast upon this winter. You can purchase organic unrefined butter and use them to whip up your own skin potions.


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1. Shea Butter:

This ivory-colored butter extracted from the shea nut of Africa is widely used all over the world as a skin and hair nourisher. The Triglycerides in shea butter make it an intensive skin repair solution and thus, it is extensively used in lip balms, body butter, lotions, conditioners and many other skincare products. It provides a silky smooth texture to your skin and it is definitely a top choice for winters.


2. Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter or Theobroma oil is great for dry, sensitive skin. This pale yellow vegetable butter is extracted from the cocoa bean and has a number of health and beauty benefits. It prevents ageing and inflammation and gives you a soft, supple skin. If not the raw cocoa butter, you can treat your skin with the numerous body lotions and body butters enriched with cocoa butter.


3. Kokum Butter:

Kokum butter is extracted from the seeds of the Kokum tree or Garcinia indica. This natural emollient gives you a smooth and rejuvenated skin. It has healing properties and it is a perfect solution for many skin problems. The high fatty acid content makes it useful for retaining the moisture and treats dryness really well.


4. Coconut Butter:

Coconut butter is made from coconut oil extracted from the mature fruits of coconut palms. Not only it is a delicacy to be savoured, but, it has incredibly nourishing properties to combat the dryness in winters. If you love coconut oil, then coconut butter will definitely become your best friend. For radiant skin and hair, treat yourself with coconut butter.


5. Argan Butter:

Argan butter is made from cold pressed argan oil. The feather-light texture of this hydrating butter sinks in instantly, providing you with a velvety soft skin. It is lightweight and highly nurturing, the best thing is it has highly regenerative properties. If your skin is parched and rough, use an argan butter to soothe your skin and senses.


6. Olive Butter:

One of the heaviest and richest butter present, olive butter is extracted from the first cold pressing of olives with irreversible crystallisation treatment after filtration. Give your skin a dose of ultra-rich olive butter and see its intensive emollient properties work magic. It stays even after washing, so opt for using hand and foot creams with olive butter contents which can resist washing and show effects for an entire day.


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