6 Different Types of Nose Rings – Inspired By Rati

The nose ring is one of the essential ornament for Indian brides during the wedding and picking up the right one can help you to give a flawless look. It is very important to pick up the appropriate type of nose ring according to your face shape as it has the power to add or decrease the glamour from your face. When it comes to a nose ring, there is no other woman except Rati who can explain us about, how to rock this trend. I tried to club different styles of nose rings which Rati has flaunted effortlessly.


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Types of Nose Rings

1. Segment Rings:

Segment rings are generally for those who have high and broad cheekbones. Segment rings are the same which was carried by Sonakshi Sinha in the movie Dabangg. So, if you are the one with sharp and high cheekbones, we recommend you to use segment rings. These segment rings are one of the best rings that looks great on Rati’s face.


2. Dainty Studs:

People with a small nose should be extra cautious while selecting a nose ring. Dainty studs are the one for those who have a small nose. Dainty studs look absolutely good and subtle when worn over a small nose. A tiny diamond or a crystal ball is enough to make your resemblance a memorable one.


3. Embellished Chains:

The trend of embellished chains was rocked by Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani. Embellished chains are for those who have an oval shaped face. A running chain with a large ring on the nose is a great way to balance the oval shaped face. This is generally worn by most of the Punjabi brides. If you are carrying a sharara or Pakistani apparel, embellished chains are the best.


4. Half-Hoops:

For a woman who has a round face should opt for half-hoops style. This half circle ring will make your face look slimmer and stylish. A woman should wear the half circles as the arch shape of the nose ring can help to balance the chubby face of a girl. These days, there are several types and designs in half hoops, so you a pickup anyone among them. Rati you rocked this trend :*


5. Beaded Hoops:

Beaded hoops are one of the simplest yet stylish forms of nose rings which can be carried without any effort. This edgy beaded hoops can help to add volume to your thin and skinny face. These rings are heavy and can work well on a woman with a broad forehead and narrow chin.


6. Large sized Naths:

Loved Aishwarya Rai’s appearance in Jodha Akbar? Thanks to the large sized naths which complimented Aish’s look equally. Large sized naths should be preferred by a woman with heart shaped face as it helps to draw attention from the wide nose and a broad forehead. These are generally worn by brides from Rajputana family or other royal parties. Look at the way, Rati carried this royal attire along with a beautiful jewellery.


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