6 Different Ways to Make Your Razor Last Longer

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Today, we would be talking about how to make your razor last longer. Are you a girl who always save some money or invest money regularly on shaving razors because it doesn’t last long? Razors can be a staple product for many women. However, making your razor last longer could be a dream for every woman.

6 Different Ways to Make Your Razor Last Longer1

Well, if you want to extend the life of your shaving razor, you should be following the steps mentioned below.

1. Skincare:

Before you shave your hands or legs, it is very important to take care of your skin. Prepping your skin before shaving can make your razor blade last longer. You should exfoliate or dry brush your skin before using a razor because dead skin cells on the body can clog the pores leading to razor bumps. Razor bumps prevent smooth functioning while shaving, causing extra stress on the razor for hair removal.

6 Different Ways to Make Your Razor Last Longer2

2. Alternative to Shaving Cream:

Never use a razor on your skin directly because the dead skin cells make the hair removal process difficult. You should always use a shaving cream as it prevents causing extra stress on the razor and also removes the hair with ease. If not shaving cream, there are several alternatives to hair removal creams. You can make use of baby shampoo, baby oil or coconut oil, aloe vera gel or honey for smooth shaving.

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6 Different Ways to Make Your Razor Last Longer

3. Take Care of your Blade After Use:

After using your razor for shaving, you should always take care of the razor blades so that it lasts longer. While you are using the razor, you apply soapy products or cream on the skin which gets inside the blades. Shaving blades are coated with Teflon, a special element which facilitates hair removal. Once the soap gets in touch with the Teflon coating, it dissolves the element leaving it ineffective. So, it is always necessary to take care of the blade after use and make sure you wash it properly in warm water.

6 Different Ways to Make Your Razor Last Longer4

4. Store Properly:

Razor is one among the important grooming products which you should take care with awareness. Storing razor at a warm or moist place can develop rust in the razors thus, destroying the razors completely. Keeping razors in moist place can corrode the blades completely due to the bacterial or fungal infection. It is always good to wash your razor after use, pat dry the razor and place them in a dry spot.

5. Use your Blade in the Right Direction:

It is important that you should use the blade in the right direction in order to prevent its ineffectiveness. When your blade starts to prove its ineffectiveness, try to use it in a downward direction. To increase the life of the razor, you can rub your razor downwards on your denim to remove the dirt and debris accumulated in-between the blades. Make sure the blade is dry before rubbing it on the jeans.

6 Different Ways to Make Your Razor Last Longer3

6. Use Oil to Clean the Razor:

One of the effective hacks to clean your razor and prolong its life is using some baby oil or coconut oil to keep it clean and hygienic. Take a cotton ball, apply some coconut oil and apply it on the razor blades. It will prevent bacterial infection and your blade from rusting. Ensure that the blade is completely coated with oil and prevent wiping it off until your next usage.

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