6 Different Ways Weight Loss Can Affect Your Hair and Skin

Hello lovely girls, how is everything going? The winter days have started and the atmosphere looks so good around. I am planning to go vacation to some nearby hill vacations but on contrary, there are so many weddings to attend. Well, today we would be discussing how weight loss affects your hair and skin. In the run for losing weight, many of us forget that, losing weight can also end up affecting the hair and skin of a person. Months after you lose weight, you may observe that your hair and skin is been affected and they are more dry and brittle than before. Here are different ways how weight loss affects your hair and skin.

6 Different Ways Weight Loss Can Affect Your Hair and Skin

1. It leads to dry hair:

Months after you have ended up losing few pounds, it leads to dry and brittle hair. Once you lose weight, your hair starts looking dry and old in appearance. Cutting fat is not only unnecessary for healthy weight loss, but also harmful. It helps to slow down the metabolism in the body and help to defeat depression. The healthy fats are depleted while losing weight and these healthy fats are beneficial for hair, body, and brain. Due to a decrease of losing healthy fats, it ends up making your hair look delicate, bad and worst.

2. Split ends:

6 Different Ways Weight Loss Can Affect Your Hair and Skin

Split ends are one of the biggest problems every woman suffers from. To maintain healthy hair, it is essential to contain vitamins, healthy fats, zinc, iron, and proteins in the body. It is essential to intake 15-20 grams of fats which help to avoid split ends and give you healthy hair. You should include a very small amount of fats and vitamins in the diet to treat split ends.

3. Thinning of hair:

6 Different Ways Weight Loss Can Affect Your Hair and Skin

While you are on diet, there is storage of iron, zinc or proteins and Vitamins in the body. Be sure, you include more of nuts and seeds in your diet. Start intake of protein rich leafy vegetables and fruits.

4. Acne problem:

Most of the ladies suffer from acne problem soon after they lose weight. To fight against acne, it is very important to include healthy fats in the body and avoid processed diet foods. To attain your fitness goals, you end up drinking too much of juices, smoothies, and other products which contain a high amount of sugar in it. So, to combat acne, be sure you eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits. If possible, include tuna and salmon in your diet as well.

5. Dry skin:

6 Different Ways Weight Loss Can Affect Your Hair and Skin

After you lose weight, you often skin scaling of the skin. The skin is so dry and scaly that it starts peeling out of the skin. You should intake healthy food, as consumption of these carbs can help to rejuvenate your skin. Intake of healthy carbs in the body can help to boost the metabolism in the body and keep your skin nice and moist. You should include almonds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, coconut etc. To treat dry skin, you should cook food in oil.

6. Dark circles:

Due to lack of iron, there are high chances of dark circles around the eye. Dark circles generally occur after you lose weight, which is generally due to lack of iron and blood flow. Your adrenal glands are positioned right on top of your kidneys, and are one of the most powerful endocrine glands, or hormone glands, in the body. You should sleep for at least eight hours in a day and include diet with a mix of carbohydrates, refined foods, healthy fats.

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