6 Effective Home Remedies using Fruits

By Neha Singh

Luxurious beauty treatments can take a backseat this season and instead swear by natural skin treatments that not only guarantee long lasting results but also ensure that your skin stays clean and fresh.
6 Effective Home Remedies using Fruits

1. Lemon

For those who want to lighten their skin, the best face pack is that of a honey and lemon. It will lighten your skin and also tighten the pores, thereby making your facial skin a shade lighter than it is.

2. Papaya

With the sweltering heat almost upon us, your face needs to cool down a bit. To ensure that your face stays nourished as well as free from marks and blemishes, refrigerate half a papaya overnight and squash it well the following day. Apply this paste evenly on your face and keep it on for at least an hour before you wash it away with lukewarm water. Use a moisturising lotion to keep your skin smooth.

3. Ripe banana

It is said to be a natural source of vitamins A,E and D. Take a ripe banana and mash it well. This will make your mane smooth, soft as well as shiny. To clear blemishes off your face, mash a ripe banana and apply it evenly on your face. You can also add a few drops of lemon to help lighten your skin and get rid of pigmentation.

4. Strawberry

For those who suffer from fine lines, wrinkles and ageing skin, it is best recommended to use a strawberry face pack at least twice a week. Simply mash a few strawberries and apply it directly on your face. You might feel an itch in the beginning, but once the pack settles down on your face, it will lend a cooling effect and will brighten your face.

5. Orange

We all know about the wonders of orange juice and orange peel, but do you know applying the pulp of the orange juice will make your skin brighter within minutes. For those who suffer from tanning and pigmentation issues, your best cure lies in applying the pulp of orange on your face on even basis. To make the pack thicker, you can combine banana or besan with it. You can alternatively add some rose water while making this paste and see wonders happening to your skin.

6. Seasonal fruits

seasonal fruits
While we all know that the consumption of seasonal fruits cleanses your system and keeps it clean, a seasonal fruit pack also ensures that your skin stays nourished and healthy. You can either do this treatment on a daily basis or once during the week.

Most women swear by expensive skin creams, but the best way to rejuvenate is by using your grandmas recipes. Try out these old school remedies and shine like never before. Please write down your comments and queries below and don’t forget stay healthy stay happy and stay stylish.

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