6 Eyeshadow Mistakes to Avoid

6 Eyeshadow Mistakes to Avoid

There is absolutely no doubt that our eyes get more attention than any other feature on our face. Big, beautiful eyes can add so much as far as looks are concerned; this makes the proper application of eye shadow even more important. They can be used to cleverly change or enhance the shape of your eyes. Eye shadows also add depth and dimension to one’s eyes.

6 EyeshadowMistakes to Avoid

Makeup should be such which enhances our natural beauty. Listed below are few common eye makeup mistakes that women make.

• Using foundation as eyeshadow primer: Foundations are for face, using them as a base coat does more harm than good as with time it will settle into the crease and make your eyeshadows look blotchy. Also, never apply eye shadows on plain dry lids too. The eye shadow will not stay, and it will flake right off. Invest in a good eyeshadow primer or just use a skin coloured cream shadow, if you want your eyeshadows to last longer and prevent creasing. Eyeshadow primers even out your skin tone and make your eye makeup look a lot smoother and softer.

• Not blending eyeshadows properly: Whenever you apply an eyeshadow make sure to blend well to create gorgeous finish. Harsh line between each color looks sloppy and undone. So make sure to blend each shade into the next with a clean shadow brush to get the desired beautiful look.

6 Eyeshadow Mistakes toAvoid

• Using Shimmery Shadows on Aging Lids: No matter how much you like frosty shadows just leave them for twenty somethings if you do not want to draw attention to your wrinkles. Due to the light-reflecting properties, shimmery shadows enhance such flaws more. Choose more flattering matte or satin finish products.

• Applying too much colour below the eye: Be careful to dab shadow only on the lower lash line and not any farther down. Any additional product drags down the look and makes the eye appear tired.

• Using very bright shades: Very bright or neon colours look good on certain occasions, in real day to day life stick to neutral pallet when doing your eye makeup as it looks more elegant and sophisticated.

6 Eyeshadow Mistakes to Avoid

• Curling lashes after mascara: Always curl your lashes before applying your mascara. This step will instantly open up your eyes. Apply some layers of mascara, using upward strokes. Using mascara before curling your lashes will leave you with mega clumped lashes that do not look very attractive.

Just follow these makeup tips and let me know if they make a difference in your look.

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