6 Fashion Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

By Aditya M.

Style is what you make of it! For an industry that is based on creativity and unique designs, there are quite a few “restrictions”. Here are 10 restrictions you shouldn’t abide by because style should be unique and expressive of who you are.

Fashion Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

1. High End = High Quality:  This isn’t true at all! We can get great quality clothes and accessories for a really low price just like how we can get awful quality for a hundred dollar price tag. Name brands don’t always make the most long-lasting pieces and they’re certainly not always affordable. But we can always shop for basics from stores like Forever21 as an alternative instead of spending too much on simple choices.

Chanel bag

2. Don’t combine clashing prints:  This includes wearing plaid with stripes or wearing different prints incorporated into one outfit. At first, I used to abide by this rule at all times but where’s the fun in that? At the last concert I went to, I paired a daisy printed crop top with cream colored crochet shorts. This was probably one of the outfits I got complimented on the most. It’s nice to come out of your comfort zone and try new pieces together, you’ll never know what will go together and what won’t until you try it on.

Print fashion

3. Crop tops are meant for people with flat abs: This is absolutely false. So many women who do not sport flat abs are able to enjoy crop tops. I definitely do not have the flattest stomach to pull off a crop top, but I pair it with high-waisted shorts to pull it together and make it seamless. There are also different styles of crop tops ranging from different lengths and styles to fit everyone’s needs.

Crop top trend

4. Always dress to look skinnier:  I think most women, including myself are guilty of this. How many times have we asked out significant other, “Do I look fat in this?” I don’t think looking skinny should be the goal of every outfit you put together. Welcoming options like flowy skirts, and oversized sweaters are a great way to be comfortable while also looking more interesting and fun. My go-to outfits in the winter include oversized sweaters paired with leggings and flats or boots of my choice.


5. Everything should match:  It can be so difficult to find the perfect bag to match your new shoes, but it really shouldn’t have to match. Nowadays, anything goes! Instead of trying to force everything to match, we can always use neutral colors like nude, black, white, grey, and brown to pull an outfit together.

Fashion Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

6. Sneakers are meant only for the gym:  I think sneakers can be sported in a really cute way when paired correctly. Whether you choose to buy sporty sneakers or more casual ones is up to you, but there is always a way to pair it with your normal wardrobe instead of your workout clothes. I love pairing my Converse and Vans with distressed jeans, an oversized plaid shirt or any other very casual shirt. I love wearing casual sneakers because they provide comfort while also going well with my outfit.

Sneaker fashion

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