6 Foundation Application Tips for a Healthy Glow

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Hope you all are doing well. Many of us apply foundations on a regular basis while some apply foundation once in a while. To achieve the perfect, natural-looking healthy glow after applying a foundation, it is important to keep a few things in mind. I have listed down a few tips that will help you achieve that glowy look and a radiant skin with foundation.

6 Foundation Application Tips for a Healthy Glow

Don’t skip the primer

glow primer

Using a primer before applying a foundation is extremely important. It helps to close your open pores, makes skin smooth and helps to form a perfect soft base for your foundation. It makes the application of your foundation easy and also prolongs the wear time. A few primer give the illuminated look on their own, hence they are perfect when you wish to achieve a glow-from-within look. A few top picks are: Colorbar Perfect Match Primer, L’oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer and Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer. Also, it goes without saying, moisturise really well before applying any makeup product.

The right foundation shade is mandatory

choose perfect foundation shade

Just applying a foundation isn’t enough; you need to apply a shade that’s as close to your skin tone as possible. A foundation shade that’s lighter or darker than your skin’s natural color can really spoil your look. Such shades will either make you look ashy or orange – which is something you don’t desire.

Don’t forget the right formulation

powder foundation for glowy skin

Your foundation won’t give you that flawless and glowy look if you’re not using the right formulation that suits your skin type. If you are lucky enough to have normal skin, you can opt for any type of foundation while those with oily skin must look for the “oil-free” property in their ideal foundations. Those with dry skin and clear skin can ditch the foundation and opt for a good tinted moisturiser.

Conceal and highlight

primer to make skin glow

In fact, correct, conceal and highlight. A luminous look cannot be achieved if your skin has imperfections like spots and pigmentation. Even out your skin, hide the blemishes and use a highlighting concealer for a more attractive look.

Pick the right blending tools

makeup blender for glowy skin

If you are still using your fingers to blend your foundation, you better stop. A flawless finish cannot be achieved until you use a good makeup brush or a sponge to blend your foundation. So pick up the right tools and blend until your achieve the look you desire.

Set the foundation

compact to set foundation

Those with combination to oily skin need to follow this tip religiously. You want a naturally glowy look, not naturally oily. Pick up a great compact and a brush and set your foundation. This will further hide those pores and enhance your complexion.

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