6 Genius Ways To Fake A Blowout

After you get your hair cut, a superb blowout is an ideal one! Salon blow dry helps to give a perfect shape of your tresses. Blowout from professionals, is always an impressive one but when you try to do at your home, you end up making your hair frizzy and unmanageable. Moreover, the quality of the hair dose not look the same, like how it looked in the salon after a blowout. If you can achieve a perfect blowout look, there is another way to maintain them – fake it. Yes, you can fake a blowout which looks a little more generous than the professional blowout.

6 Genius Ways To Fake A Blowout

Check out few important hacks to fake a blowout and look fabulous.

1. Bun:

6 Genius Ways To Fake A Blowout

If you are a super busy person, you can make a high bun and this one of the easiest way to fake a blowout. Now slightly dampen your hair and then twirl your hair and secure them tightly in a bun. Allow it to stay for an hour or two and then open it. Once your hair is completely dry, open your hair and brush it lightly. Securing bun with pins can help to give a fake impression of a blowout.

2. Curling iron:

Every woman does not get a fake blowout with the bun or a simple updo. However, if you have a thick and curly hair, you will need to manipulate your hair with the help of heat. Use a curling machine to smooth out the tresses and then start adding waves to it. Start adding curls and wait for few seconds to bring the texture. If you have just washed your hair, use a styling cream and then start using the machine.

3. Flatiron:

6 Genius Ways To Fake A Blowout

A basic flat iron can also help to fake a blowout. If you prefer sleek curls, the flat iron is one of the best things you can use. The important point to consider here is, you should not pull the hair downward, instead rotate your wrist and pass on the rotation to each of the curls. When you are not using too much heat to set your hair, use some dry shampoo or volumizing shampoo to treat it.

4. Pin curl waves:

If you are looking for a simple method, nothing can be better than styling your hair with the help of bobby pins. It is always good to use bobby pins, which is also known as a heatless way to fake out the blowout. Take a 1.5-inch section of hair and then roll up the hair to your scalp and pin them up with bobby pins. However, if the curls are not tight, don’t lose your calm, use some salt water to fix it up.

5.Hot air brush:

6 Genius Ways To Fake A Blowout

Manipulating your hair in a heatless way can be really difficult. For a DIY blowout, that’s a lot of cumbersome, try a hot-air brush. You should use a paddle-shaped hair brush for maximum smoothness and to get a voluminous look. You should start using the hot hair brush along with the usual dryer. Now slowly move the hot air brush from the scalp to the tip and wait for some time. Now focus on the tips and rotate your wrist away from your face. Hot air brush can help to achieve a flawless blowout.

6. Rope braids:


Wrap your hair in braids and tie them overnight. This is an easy trick that will allow you to fake a blowout. Wearing a rope braids overnight, will help to give you a beachy and crimped look. Make two equal section of hair, instead of three and then start twisting them together. Secure them with the half soft rubber band. Now wrap both the section against each other and then secure it. Open your hair down in the morning and you will see fresh waves. Adding up a styling product like dry shampoo or styling gel and then give it a final touch.

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