6 Golden Rules for Perfect Smokey Eyes

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Many eye makeup trends may come and go out of trend, but there is one eye makeup look which has made permanent place in our hearts. Yup, you guessed it right, its the smokey eye look. A perfect smokey eye look needs a little technique and product knowledge, which I am going to summarize for all of you in today’s article..


1. Prime that lid:


Yes, ladies, even if you think that smokey eye is not a pain to work like other eye looks – Cut crease you are wrong. You do need to prime your lid well with an eye primer or a non-budging concealer. This will help all that dark pigments stay in place and not move around giving you panda eyes. It’s a ‘must’ for oily lids and hence makes the top of our list.

2. Conceal the dark circles:


If you want a perfect stand out smokey eye, you should get rid of those dark circles if you have any. Before starting, calm that puffiness by placing dampen green tea bags under your eyes. Now, using the very ‘in’ triangular highlighting technique with a brightening concealer, conceal the dark circles. Do not forget to set this concealer with a setting powder. I recommend baking technique if the weather is hot and humid. This will make your eyes look bright and young with all black eye shadow and intense lash lines.

3. Smudging:

Smudging with a fluffy blending brush helps soften the overall look. If you have hooded eyes, use a small tapered blending brush to do the task. Also, you can always go for a transition shade (a warm or cool toned brown) to deepen your crease and make the whole look more defined.

4. Tight-line:

To fake fuller lashes and pull the whole look together, tight-lining is a golden rule for a perfect smokey eye look. If you have small eyes and think tight-lining makes your eyes look even smaller then, do the lower lashline. This will give your small eyes ‘big and deep’ eyes effect. For most of the eye shapes, lining well from inside corner (tear-duct area) to the outer ends makes smokey eye makeup amazing.

5. Fluttery lashes:


Lashes, play a big role in a smokey eye look. First, curl your lashes well to open up the eyes. Eyes can really look tired and dull with that amount of black eye shadows, but rolled up lashes do make a huge difference. After that, give your lashes nice 2-3 coats of a lengthening and volumising mascara. Concentrate on outer ends of lashes to fake bigger eyes.

6. Highlight under brow-bone:


If it’s a day time look, choose a non-shimmery highlighter. For night time look or a party, you can choose a shimmery highlighter under your brow to pop that smokey effect!!

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