6 Habits of a Successful Woman

Hi my lovely IMBBians!
Each and every lady out here is so full of energy and inspiration that I always feel delighted to be a part of this wonderful family and I am sure all of you feel the same. At my work place, we usually tend to discuss a lot of things on a daily basis and the topics range from local news to Cannes. During one such discussion, the “girl gang” in the office came up with some pointers that they feel, make a woman successful, not only at work front but in life too. Let’s see what they are!
successful woman

1. No back-biting:

We are so accused of this bad habit. It’s normal to share your feelings about one individual with another: like in office, about your boss with your fellow colleague and at home, about your SIL or MIL with your hubby. There is nothing wrong in that. But this discussion or conversation shouldn’t become a long tale of back-biting. If you have a problem with someone, go talk to the person directly, rather than taking a long nasty back-biting route. Talk and sort it out with the concerned person, you will feel good. No negativity, no grudges.

2. Health consciousness:

healthy lifestyle
To be what you really want to be in your life, you need to put health on the top of your priority list. Never ignore those signs which need your attention. Even a minor headache on daily basis can lead to permanent migraine if not nipped in its bud. Weakness, restlessness and poor concentration are the indications of several deficiencies. Have a balanced diet and take supplements with the recommendation of your doctor.

3. Constant learner:

rati makeup
The best example is Rati ma’am. When you see her makeup today, all you see is perfection. She never fails to surprise us with her looks, which she creates and recreates so wonderfully. I am always awestruck with her makeup skills. She surely never ignores those minute details. Look at her Instagram, full of awesomeness. When you know what you want, you put all your efforts in that direction .You learn, you experiment, you get results and you keep on learning some more.

4. Not giving up:

People try to manipulate you, take credit of your work, gossip about you, spread rumors and the list wouldn’t end; you know those challenges you face every day. Be it a personal or professional challenge, you should never give up. I am telling you to ignore them, don’t give up and FIGHT. You are stronger than you think.

5. Be ambitious:

ambitious woman
Never let your ambitions die. Dream more, achieve more. Not each one of us is blessed with a supportive family; even then never let your dreams die. Whenever you turn that ambition, that one special dream to reality, don’t forget to celebrate. It will keep you motivated and driven.

6. Make the most of that multi-tasking ability:

Women can multi-task so well. We do it every single day, like cooking while talking on phone and watching TV side by side LOL. On a serious note, we are gifted with that super power. A little more concentration and this multi-tasking benefit can take you and your talents to a whole new level.

So, my superwomen I would like to see comments from all of you. Please add more habits which you feel fit the bill. Till then, take care. Stay wonderful and beautiful, inside out.

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4 thoughts on “6 Habits of a Successful Woman

  1. loved the post Anshu!
    One thing I would like to add, “get out of your comfort zone”. I strongly believe that whenever you get out of your comfort zone, you challenge your limits, you learn something new, you achieve something new!

  2. I want to be a perfect working women balancing family and work. Your article is truly an inspiration for me. Thanks a lot and lots of love :*

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