6 Hair Removal Mistakes Every Girl is Guilty of Committing

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Today we would be talking about the hair removal mistakes every girl is guilty of committing. Every one of us does this at home but, we don’t even realise that we are making plenty of mistakes every day. Apart from damaging your skin, there are several other serious issues you could encounter while hair removal process.


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1. Shaving with Soap:

Some of them consider a soap as one of the cheap and best alternatives to shaving cream. Using a normal bar as an alternative to shaving cream is a big no-no. Soap does not protect your skin and it may lead to razor bumps and marks on the skin. Plus, using soap to shave your hair leaves your skin extremely dry. You should use shaving cream for hair removal and if not shaving cream, conditioner works better than the soap.


2. Waxing Often:

Most of the girls are just obsessed with shaving. And, if they are not obsessed with shaving, they are obsessed with clean shaved skin and hence, can’t tolerate a single hair follicle on the skin. You might be tempted to shave off the stubbles on your skin, but, it is equally important to allow the hair follicle to grow and space out. You should wait for 4-5 weeks before your next wax, to avoid hair breakage and in growing. Make sure your hair has grown a quarter inch so that the hair follicles come out easily. If you prefer going for a full leg hair wax or bikini wax, make sure that the hair has grown proper enough to pull them out easily.

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3. Skip Moisturizing:

Most of them simply wipe off the skin with a cloth after a waxing appointment but, believe me, this is not enough. You should moisturise your skin and keep it hydrated all the time to maintain a soft and supple skin. You should use a gentle fragrance-free lotion and apply it on your freshly waxed skin. Make sure that you use a cream which does not irritate the skin and leaves rashes behind.


4. Exfoliating:

Everyone understands the value of exfoliating but, still, we are guilty of not doing it regularly. Exfoliating your skin before waxing is one of the most important steps we all should be doing. Exfoliating prevents the ingrown hair and also helps to pull out the dead skin cells from the skin, thus, making the process of waxing simpler. By removing the dead skin, it helps in pulling out the ingrown hair from the skin easily.


5. Shaving in the Morning:

One of the biggest and most common mistakes is shaving in the morning. You should never shave in the morning because your leg tends to swell while you sleep which may allow you to miss a few ingrown hair. Shaving at the end of the day or probably in the noon, when your body settles down completely allows you to give you a close shave.


6. Waxing During that Time of the Month:

You should never ever wax during that time of the month as your skin is extremely sensitive during that time. Waxing is a painful process but it can become a nightmare during hormonal changes in the body. You should save yourself from this horrific experience and keep in mind that you should never ever shave during that time of the month.


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