6 Health Secrets of Victoria’s Secret Models

By Priyanka Dixit

Hello girls,

I hope you all are fit and fine. 🙂 Women, these days, have become obsessed with fitness, which is a great thing. At times we need some inspiration to move ahead and to work out. For such days, you can refer to the super fit yet curvy bodies of the Victoria’s Secret models. Stay tuned to know more!

6 Health Secrets of Victoria's Secret Models

They have worked hard to get this body

karlie kloss fitness

These girls were born to be beautiful. Thanks to their lean and tall body, they work to be fit and maintain their fitness. These models work hard to stay fit and healthy, but they don’t get this body by any coincidence Models like Karlie Kloss and Candice Swanepoel have been working on their bodies since childhood by taking up activities like ballet, gymnastics etc. Since they have been working out quite hard since childhood or teenage, they understand the importance of staying physically active.

Their workout time period

victoriassecret workout

An average fitness session of these models lasts more than an hour and they work out minimum four times a week. Since most of these models are travelling, they use workout accessories and videos so that they do not miss out on their workout sessions in the name of holidays or work. These models are always supposed to carry a jump rope in their bags while travelling so that they can do a quick workout even in their hotel rooms.

No stress

To maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, it is mandatory that these models stay away from stress. So they indulge in protein and healthy fat to keep their stress levels under check.

They are self-motivated

Angela Lindvall is a fitness idol. In 2006, when she needed to lose baby weight and had only 3.5 months to get back into shape, she motivated herself to workout and eat clean. She hit the runway right after 3.5 months and stunned everyone. So don’t forget – motivation and dedication are more important than you think.

Types of exercise

Health Secrets Victoria's Secret Models

Models always get workout sessions pre-planned for best results. Personal training, ballet classes, weight training – they go for all sorts of fitness activities for toning, tightening, lengthening their muscles. Candice Swanepoel, for example, starts working out a lot harder three weeks before the show. Also, when these models have more time in hand, they go for swimming, bikram yoga and even running. But keep in mind that they do not exercise each day or every two hours. Overtraining creates a lot of inflammation and it can shut down the weight loss to a degree and can lead to fatigue. So, these models take proper rest too.

They follow a strict diet regimen

Shanina Shaik diet

Models do not diet. Models work out a lot, especially right before their shows. But, don’t think they starve to achieve that body! With so many workout sessions, they cannot survive on fewer calories. But, instead of hogging on junk food, these models take diet according to their blood type. Each model gets a personal nutritionist, but generally, they are allowed to eat 80% healthy food and 20% for favourite foods. And, it goes without saying – they drink tonnes of water throughout the day. But they do watch their food portions and rely a lot on green juices for proper nutrition.

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