6 Ideas to Spring Clean Your Makeup and Wardrobe

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With February over and March well began, India is experiencing the little spring season. Before the scorching summers turn our lives awry, it’s time to sort through your makeup and wardrobe. Go clutter free and be reckless in your cleaning. Remember the more things you throw away, the more space you have for newer things. And not to mention, you will find a mountain of clothes and cosmetics, you didn’t know that actually existed in your closet!

6 Ideas to Spring Clean Your Makeup and Wardrobe5

Here are some ideas to spring clean your makeup and closet. Happy cleaning!

1. Look for Unused Clothes:

Yes, look for clothes that you haven’t worn even once in the last six to eight months and throw them away. Or even better, donate them. Chances are high that something you haven’t worn in the last six months will rot in your closet for a year more. So, clean it and wear it (you can mix and match) or donate it. If you haven’t worn it because of a missing button or some stain, do the task today and wear it tomorrow itself!

6 Ideas to Spring Clean Your Makeup and Wardrobe3

2. Bring Out Your Bright Bold Colours:

Autumns and winters are ideal for flaunting those rich dark hues like berry and wine. Summers call for peppy bright colours like peaches, oranges, reds, fuchsias and so on. So right from the lipsticks to clothes, bring out these summer colours which give you happy-go-lucky vibes.

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6 Ideas to Spring Clean Your Makeup and Wardrobe4

3. Check for Expired Products:

Foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, compact powders – check each of them and study the label. If they have crossed their expiry dates even without you using them, it’s time to toss them out. If you have hit pan on some favourites, note down the shade number so that you don’t have to go crazy while hunting for a new one.

6 Ideas to Spring Clean Your Makeup and Wardrobe

4. Get Organisers for Your Goodies:

From brush hangers to cute makeup pouches and full organiser sets, find the ones that are best suited to your tastes and needs. If you travel a lot, look for spacious travel pouches to carry your travel essentials. Spring cleaning means revamping your dresser, so organiser sets will surely help you keep the place neat and tidy. Not to mention, you will find yourself reaching for some products more often when it’s not buried deep inside the pile.

5. Clean and Wash:

Dust your dresser and closet put insect repellant balls and arrange everything neatly. Make sure you wash and iron your clothes (trust me, it’s worth the effort). Also, clean everything right from makeup brushes and sponges to combs. This way, you will start summers on a fresher and higher note.

6 Ideas to Spring Clean Your Makeup and Wardrobe2

6. Engage in Some Retail Therapy:

The entire process is time-consuming and exhaustive and surely takes a toll on women like us. So, engage in some relaxing retail therapy to perk up your mood and get a spring-summer makeover. A couple of new clothes, some lipsticks and blushes, a mascara or two, and maybe I would buy myself a newly launched mineral compact too! I am sure this is the best way to reward yourself for a successful cleaning session.

6 Ideas to Spring Clean Your Makeup and Wardrobe1

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