6 Important Places to Apply Concealer for a Flawless Look

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Today, we would be talking about the best places to apply concealer. Concealer is a wonderful makeup product which helps to give you a flawless and incredibly fresh look if used correctly. Everyone of us is aware of the fact that concealer should be used for a flawless skin but, we lack to know the proper places where concealer should be applied. Everyone does not have the same need of concealer but, these are the exact areas where you will probably need to apply concealer.

concealer application

1. On Blemishes:

If you are always doubtful about applying your concealer on the blemishes, trust me, it is the right place to use a concealer. No one likes a blemished skin and hence, concealer can be used to hide the blemishes easily. The trick to cover your blemishes well is to pat the concealer on the affected areas. One important rule while using concealer is less is more. Don’t end up making your face look cakey and loaded with makeup.

6 Important Places to Apply Concealer for a Flawless Look1

2. Nose Corners:

Another most important place to apply concealer is at the corners of your nose. However, the condition varies from person to person. People with wheatish or caramel skin tone generally have the same complexion on the skin while people with extremely fair skin may have visible dark areas. Applying concealer here can help to balance out the skin tone easily.

3. Under the Center of your Bottom Lip:

Under the bottom lips, you can generally observe a bit of shadow in the center. Most of the women tend to have a highly pigmented area under the bottom lips. You should be using your concealer here as it helps to give a luminous finish.

6 Important Places to Apply Concealer for a Flawless Look3

4. Under the Eyes:

One of the most common areas you should be applying concealer is at the under eye area. Without using a concealer, your under eye area looks darker than the rest of the skin and even foundation cannot conceal this area properly. You should apply some dots of concealer under the eye and blend it with the help of your ring finger. Now, enhance the area using a warm toned eyeshadow.

6 Important Places to Apply Concealer for a Flawless Look2

5. Corners of your Lips:

The corners of your lips are always the place which will need more of concealer. The corner of the area is prone to have red or dark brown pigmentation according to the skin tone. However, the corners of the lips look dull due to darker pigmentation. In order to revive the skin, you should use a concealer. You should use yellow concealer to eliminate redness and peach to eliminate brown pigmentation on the skin.

6. T-Zone:

T-Zone is the common area which is in need of concealer for a flawless looking skin. However, it varies from person to person. Treating the underlying issue of T-zone problems can eliminate the need for concealer here.

6 Important Places to Apply Concealer for a Flawless Look4

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