6 Items Every Sensitive Skinned Girl Must Own In All Seasons

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I have a crazily sensitive skin and my heart goes out to all those girls who are trying to understand and take care of their weird skin type. There are days when you have bad breakouts, flaky dry skin or nasty blackheads. Your skin is constantly a source of irritation and tension for you. If you identify yourself with this sob story, check out this list of six skin care must-haves for sensitive skinned girls.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is nature’s great healers. It can be used to treat sunburn, moisturise skin and soothe irritation. And I think all of you know how useful a tube of aloe vera gel can be for sensitive skin. Choose one that is unscented and free from artificial colours to hydrate your skin and keep skin problems at bay.

Calamine lotion

I always keep a bottle of calamine lotion handy. I prefer a medicated calamine lotion as my trusted companion and use it on days my skin needs nourishment but is suffering from itchiness and redness. It soothes my skin even on days it behaves its worst and helps to reduce breakouts and bumps on the skin.

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Bentonite and white clay

These clays are derived from the earth and have amazing healing properties. They deeply cleanse your skin, unclog your pores and control excess sebum production. Regular use of clays helps to achieve an even tone. Also, the rich mineral content is beneficial for sensitive skin as it restores pH balance and maintains a healthy look.

Activated charcoal mask

Activated charcoal is a boon for sensitive skin. It detoxifies the skin and removes deeply rooted impurities. It can control oil production, dry out pimples and also eliminate the signs of pollution.

Rose water

A rose water is a multitasker. If your skin cannot handle the chemical-loaded cosmetics, go for pure rose water. It can cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin and provide a soothing relief. Rosewater should be the option to turn to when your skin looks dull and dehydrated or when you just want to add some life to your skin. Sensitive skin loves the cooling and healing properties of rose water.

A powerful sunscreen

You need to choose your sunblock with care. Go for oil-free, non-comedogenic UV filtering sunblock which is also resistant to water and sweat. If you have chosen a good sunscreen that does its job without breaking the hell loose on your skin, it’s time to thank your stars and vow never for leaving it.

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