6 Lipstick Tips for Beauties with Braces

Hi my beauties!
I hope all of you are doing well. Today, I am here with some lipstick tips for beauties with braces. I got braces 3 months ago. The day I got them, I thought lip coloring products like lipsticks, lip stains, lip balms, glosses etc are going to vanish from my dressing table for quite a long time. But, I realized with braces, coloring lips was just as fun. Honestly, I have been told by many people that my smile looks cute with braces. Enough of self praising LOL ! Let’s get on to the tips my cupcakes.
lipstick for braces

1. Keep a tab on your liquid intake:
Don’t think this crazy girl is going off the topic. You need to drink a lot of water, juices, butter milk or anything liquid that is nutritious, to keep your body healthy (keep on reading), skin glowing (it’s there) and lips hydrated. See, it’s quite advantageous! If you want nice plump rosy lips, you have take a lot of liquid that helps in draining toxins out of your body. If you dehydrate body, you can never have nice soft lips to apply lipstick on. Remember, Dehydrated lips + braces = Bleeding sore lips.

2. Lip balm is your best pal:
braces beauty
Even if you find it annoying for your own self, keep applying lip balm. The softer your lips, the lesser the chances of getting them hurt whenever they get stuck with braces. “They get stuck in braces?” Yes, they do ! When you forget you have braces, you smile and they do! It’s not always painful or weird but definitely problematic with dry lips. Lip balm keeps your lips ready for lipstick all the time.

3. Get some lip oils:
lip oil
Yes, I am going to stress on hydration and moisturizing in this tip too. Get some lip oils to keep the nourishment quotient high. They can change the appearance of dry chapped lips overnight and make them plump the next morning. Who doesn’t love applying lipstick on beautiful plump lips? I will tell you a secret; braces feel even more comfortable with moisturized plump lips.

4. Hoard hydrating lip stains:
For coming few months or years, you really need some non-drying stains for your lips. There a great range by Revlon called Colorburst matte lip balm. Sultry amongst all is my favorite shade. Well the point is, you can apply these and forget them. They are super pigmented, matte yet super comfy on your lips. You don’t even have to worry about lipstick on teeth because these do not transfer or feather or bleed.

5. Blot your lipstick:
blotting lipstick
On any special occasion, when you want your lipstick to stay long, blot blot blot! I do it thrice and before beginning, I go crazy with lip balm. I apply lots of it before lip liner and lipstick blotting session. Moisturized lips hold the color better. Even if braces make your lipstick disappear like magic, blotting will leave you with beautiful stain.

6. Apply mustard oil on your navel:
Weird!!! Not only it sounds weird but works wonderfully for me. A girl on Madam Gupshup agreed on it too. You can try it with coconut oil as well. Apply any of these oils on your belly button at night and in the morning you will see better results than botox-lips.

P.S. Don’t be shy. Wear all colors. You may not realize but with braces you really look cute. Stay confident and remember lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting.

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