6 Low-Calorie Summer Treats for Healthy Snacking

Hi my lovelies,
I know dieting can be such a pain. Sometimes, cravings can ruin our efforts at once and we may end up consuming unlimited calories at once. Today, I am going to share some low-calorie summer treats with all you calorie conscious beauties. Get ready for the summer snack attack!
6 Low Calorie Summer Treats for Healthy Snacking

1. The healthy toast

avocado toast
Take a wholegrain bread and cut it into small pieces. Toast it well to add a slightly crunchy texture. Slather mashed avocado. Saute cottage cheese cubes (or tofu) in olive oil and season it well with salt and some black pepper. Top your healthy avocado toast with these paneer cubes. It’s ready to curb your snack craving.

2. Cool cucumber soup

cucumber soup
Peel and chop cucumber. Add half a cup of nonfat yoghurt to it. Add some mint leaves and salt as per your liking. Blend it well with ice cubes. Serve it chilled.

3. The 100% fruity popsicle

homemade popscicles
Cut watermelon and remove all the seeds. This will take time but it’s important for that no-seed pure fruit experience you’d enjoy later. Cut into shapes of popsicle or triangles. Then, poke popsicle stick halfway. Spread your slices on a cookie sheet and freeze them for 3-4 hours. Your 100% fruity popsicle is ready to beat the heat. Another healthy alternative is to freeze whole fruits with pure juice.

4. Yummy smoothie

pineapple smoothier
Blend a cup of raw beets, a cup of baby spinach, a cup and a half of pineapple, some mango cubes, coconut water and a little piece of ginger. Add some ice cubes while blending. You can enjoy this summery healthy smoothie as a post-workout drink also.

5. Banana sushi

banana sushi
Peel the banana and evenly spread a low calorie nut butter just on one side of it. Sprinkle some chia seeds, pistachio or crushed almonds and shredded coconut (fresh or dried). Slice the banana evenly in small discs. Freeze them for an hour in the freezer.

6. Fruity pizza

fruit pizza
You don’t need an oven for this pizza. It’s healthy and full of nutrients. It’s the fruity pizza. Take a whole grain tortilla or pita bread. Spread a sauce (choose from natural peanut butter or other low calorie nut butter), 100% fruit jelly, reduced or non-fat yogurt. Add the toppings of seasonal fruits like dried raisins, chopped dates, pineapple, cranberries, and cherries to add more flavour. Sprinkle some cinnamon. Cut it like pizza and relish it.

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