6 Mandatory Investments to Make If You Are Obsessive About Skincare

By Anshu Bhatia

Hi everyone!

Today’s article is all about skin care. Everyone wants healthy, glowing skin. We are always on a hunt for skin care products which we feel might work wonders for us. If your skincare obsession is as crazy as mine, you would love to read this list (my bucket list, hehehe) of some mandatory investments which in the long run will result in youthful skin.

6 Mandatory Investments to Make If You Are Obsessive About Skincare

1. A Silk Pillowcase

silk pillowcase
Not just any silk pillowcase, a 100% pure silk pillowcase is what I am talking about. It’s very expensive but its a must for that ‘beauty sleep’. It’s a boon for beauties with the issue of creasing from last night’s sleep. Silk pillowcases make your facial skin less puffy and they don’t aggravate skin conditions like rosacea or flakiness. With the habit of sleeping with your face literally into the pillow, any normal cotton pillow will suck in all the moisture and age your skin a lot.

2. A Luxury Facial Oil/Serum

Gone are the days when facial oils were feared by beauties with oily skin. With the advancements in skin care industry, facial oils and serums are now suitable for all skin types. Facial oils and serums are quite expensive but the results they give are amazing. Oils of life by The Body Shop, Good Genes by Sunday Riley, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate are some examples of luxury facial oils and serums. These last long and their penetration is also better than usual creams.

3. An Anti-Ageing Skin Care Device

Foreo and Clarisonic are the top skin care devices which are very popular among skin care junkies.
These devices clear the dust, impurities, blemishes etc better than hands and sponges. With a 100% well cleansed exfoliated skin everyday, you can slow down the ageing rate of your skin. Use of such devices acts as a catalyst for your skin care products as they are absorbed better than ever.

4. Exotic Face Mask

Face masks are so pampering. They are instant treatments for all your skin woes. Applying face masks twice a week makes a noticeable change in your skin texture and complexion. Pumpkin Enzyme Mask by Peter Thomas Roth, mud masks by Glamglow, face masks by Origins are so tempting and so much raved about by beauty bloggers all over the world.

5. Muslin Cloth

muslin cloth
Muslin cloth is a gentle exfoliator. Using it with your cleanser will give make your skin free of dirt, grim, gunk on a daily basis. Muslin cloth also stimulates blood circulation while taking away all the dead cells which result in dullness of your face. Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish is based on it. A hot muslin cloth and a gentle cleanser can make all the difference.

6. Pure Argan Oil

argan oil
Argan oil is also known as liquid gold for its amazing properties. It can be used for skin and hair both. It is rich in vitamin E , fatty acids and has healing properties. Use it as a daily moisturiser, in your night time skin care regime, mix it with your moisturiser and so on. Make sure it is grown in an organic way and is 100% pure cold pressed. Grown in the deserts of Morocco, this liquid gold has the power to revive your skin and make it unbelievably beautiful.

Most of the above mentioned items are ridiculously expensive but they surely do their part when it comes to your obsession of achieving perfect skin. Do read reviews here on IMBB before purchasing anything; it helps a lot. That’s it for now my lovelies. Stay beautiful, inside out.

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