6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Straightening Your Hair

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Today’s post will be on the mistakes one tend to commit while straightening their hair. We all have straightened or at least attempted to straighten our hair (sadly, my curls don’t stay straight for long) to make it look sleek and shiny. But, in this process of blow drying and straightening, we commit some major mistakes which can cost our hair’s strength and texture. If you are a regular user of hair straightener, it’s time to save your strands.

6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Straightening Your Hair

Keep reading to avoid committing these mistakes.

1. Your Hair isn’t Rinsed Properly:

Believe me or not, this is the number one mistake which you might be unconsciously doing all these days. Once you shampoo and condition your hair well, it is important to rinse them properly as a too much residual product on your hair can cause serious damage while using a flat iron. Also, do not use too much leave-in conditioner or styling products before straightening your hair. If you notice smoke when you are straightening your hair, it is mainly because of the product build up in your hair.

6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Straightening Your Hair1

2. Choosing Wrong Dryer and Straightener:

Whether you are buying a dryer or a straightener, make sure it has adjustable temperature settings. If you can’t control the temperature, there are high chances that your hair will be prone to high heat damage. Don’t buy a hair straightener with just a few basic features as the temperature needs to be set according to your hair texture and thickness.

6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Straightening Your Hair4

3. Working with Large Sections:

While larger sections seem ideal and easy to work with, sectioning your hair properly for drying and straightening is the key. This way all the strands are equally exposed to heat and can be styled, without your hair looking messy. So, the best way is to find enough time, section your hair into small parts and style them individually.

6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Straightening Your Hair2

4. Wrong Direction:

Using your styling tool in the wrong direction can cause severe frizz. Follow this simple rule while blow drying for a voluminous and smoother looking hair. Try to blow dry in upward and backward motions at the crown of your head to create more volume. On the back and sides, use downward motions for a straight, sleek style.

5. Skipping the Comb:

One of the often committed mistakes is skipping a comb while straightening your hair. Use a small rat tail comb to comb your hair while passing the flat iron to detangle and align your hair properly. This helps in giving a tamed look without making your hair look lifeless and limp.

6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Straightening Your Hair3

6. Not Wrapping your Hair at Night:

More often, the entire hair straightening and styling efforts don’t look the same after a night’s rest. You end up with messy, frizzy and untamed hair. To prevent it, set your hair with large styling clips and wrap your hair in a silk scarf. This will prevent your silky, straightened hair from losing its beauty at night.

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