6 Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Want to Sport Bangs!

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Hope you all are doing well! Recently, I met an old friend who used to look so cute during school time. She had beautiful bangs but I was shocked to see her hair this time.

sport bangs mistake

She used to hide her broad forehead but now she keeps them away from her forehead. When I asked her the reason for this, she told me that it was the outcome of inappropriate styling and experiments with bangs. Then I realized that it is great to have pretty bangs, but girls should maintain them carefully. Reckless experiments and frequent styling can make your bangs look awful. There are some mistakes that girls often repeat with bangs. Here, I am mentioning few.

1. Cutting your bangs by yourself

You should never take the risk of cutting your bangs all by yourself unless you are trained or experienced at doing this. You may end up with a disastrous hairstyle!

2. Using ordinary scissors for cutting bangs

cutting your own bangs
Haven’t you noticed a bunch of scissors and haircutting tools carried by hairstylists in salons? They keep a variety of scissors according to the requirement of haircuts. Similarly, there is a different type of scissors for cutting bangs and even if you are a trained professional, you should not use ordinary scissors for this.

3. Copying any random bang style

rachel mcadams
Audrey Hepburn used to look stunning in her signature bangs. But believe me, her immense grace doesn’t guarantee that the similar style of bangs will suit on your face too. So choose one according to your face shape. Blunt, heavy bangs, soft and feathered bangs, sideswept, there are so many to choose from and one of them is meant for you!

4. Using too much hair product

With bangs, less is always more. Use any hair product on your hair first and then your bangs. You may end up with greasy bangs otherwise.

5. Getting bangs in the summer season

If you are planning to get bold bang hairstyle, then watch out for the season if it’s your first time. I think one should avoid getting bangs in summer season or right before summer season, as you may not be prepared for the heat wave. Rather than this, winter is the best span to carry this ostentatious hairstyle.

6. Not keeping in mind your hair texture

hair texture
You may be highly inspired by Zooey Deschanel, but please consider your hair texture and other hair issues before going for bangs. Be realistic, and look for styles suitable for similar hair textures. For example, short curly hair with bangs can give you that grandma look!

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