6 More Maybelline Color Show Nail Paints Review

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How are you all? Winter in Delhi has pacified since last 3-4 days, but this is the silence before the actual storm..lol..I mean we know that one more wave of cold is going to come in few days. Anyways coming to today’s review, I am going to show six nail paints from the Maybelline’s Color Show range. This is a much talked about nail product in the makeup industry. I had literally hoarded all the shades during recent GOSF sale and hence reviewing six of my most favourite shades. Read on to see the shades.

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

Shades that I am going to review:

  • Velvet Wine
  • Constant Candy
  • Silk Stockings
  • Bling on the blue (glitter mania)
  • Pink Champagne (glitter mania)
  • Ladies Night

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint


Normal shades: INR 75 for 6 ml, Glitter Mania: INR 125 for 6 ml

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As you all would have seen, the nail paints come in cylindrical shaped cute little bottles, trust me people would buy them for how cute they look. They are very small and can be carried around, but we need to be careful as the bottles are made of glass (albeit thick glass). There are around 60 shades available including all ranges. The quality of brush is really good and spread the paint very nicely on the nail. So full marks on the packing.

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

My Experience with 6 More Maybelline Color Show Nail Paints:

Velvet Wine:

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

Maybelline Color show Nail PaintComing to the first shade is Velvet Wine. As the name suggests, it is a gorgeous wine color. Although it belongs to the pink family rather than purple. It is more close to raspberry shade, so something between raspberry pink and dark wine color. If you would have used Wine & Dine, it is way lighter than that and is more on pink side. It also has small sparkles/glitters, they are very tiny in size and they glisten in a very subtle way. The best part is that paint is not fully loaded with glitter (like glitter mania range) and retains the color. So you can see the beautiful wine color with tiny shimmers in it.

In all an excellent color, which can be carried by girls with all complexions. The only downside however is the ease of removal, this unlike other colors take a lot of time for removal, I use so much of nail paint remover that the liquid develops rashes on my fingertips..*sigh*. The swatches that you see is with 2 coats of paint

Silk Stockings:

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

This is another nice daily wear color. Silk Stockings is a nice nude color with shimmer base. That is why the name “Silk” as it gives a nice silky finish to nails (due to shimmer base) rather than an opaque finish like Nude Skin. So unlike Nude Skin, it is more silky and shimmery and very translucent, but buildable.

So with 2-3 coats you can completely cover the nails, but would still look lighter when compared to Nude Skin. This color could be tricky sometimes as it tends to wash out hands very easily making your hands look pale and dark sometimes (as you can see in the swatches also).

Constant Candy:

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

This now is a very difficult color to play with. This is a nice light pastel pink color. I love pastels and this indeed was a very nice addition. After I saw Rati’s nail art I was longing to have this one. But this is very difficult to apply and may look very messy if not applied properly. With one coat it looks streaky, so you need atleast 2-3 coats to get a nice uniform opaque look. Kindly note that one must apply second coat only once the first coat has been dried completely or else it will become lumpy.

Bling on the Blue:

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

This one is a gorgeous looking light blue glitter shade. It is a light ice blue glitter that you apply on your nails. It looks as if you have applied blue ice flakes. The good part with glitter mania range is that it is fully loaded with glitter and is highly pigmented. It gives a nice coverage in a single thick coat. But I prefer to apply 2 coats. This really complements the shade Denim Dash. Now the issue again is removal, it takes a lot of time to remove these glitter shades.

Pink Champagne:

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

This is the best and my most favourite color from glitter mania range. As name suggests, it is a beautiful light pink toned shade. It looks like sparkling champagne with a light pink tint to it and when applied to nails, gives an instant brightening effect to your nails and does not look tacky at all.

Ladies Night:

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

Maybelline Color show Nail Paint

This is a stunning cobalt blue metallic color. It gives a nice shiny metallic look to your nails (unlike denim dash which gives a matte look). It is a nice dark blue color and is perfect for winter. This one totally reminds me of a Chanel nail paint that Rati reviewed. Totally in love with this one and currently the most abused shade by me. I have been wearing it for past 10 days.

Overall these are fantastic nail paints to have and there is a huge range to select from. I am in love with these paints totally and not going to stop until I buy all the shades. XOXO

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  1. Nice collection Radhika…I wanted to buy silk stockings but was not available! 🙁 I am going to get constant candy! 🙂

  2. I have silk stockings, constant candy and bling on the blue!! 🙂 I love silk stocking, it is sooo beautiful! Great post, Radhika!

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