6 New Beauty and Makeup Terms to Get Used to!

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The world of makeup and beauty is ever-changing. Here are a few of the new makeup terms that are making waves in the beauty industry. Let’s find out about them.

6 New Beauty and Makeup Terms to Get Used to!

Cut Crease

cut crease eye makeup

In this makeup technique, the goal is to create a starkly defined arc that separates your lid from the brow bone, which results in dramatic and bigger-looking eyes. The crease is “cut” sharply with a contrasting eye shadow color to give a really dramatic and defined crease. In this, the color above and below the cut crease can be blended, but the line should be really sharp.

Kitten Paws

kitten paw strobing

It is actually a strobing hack which makes the highlighted cheek pop even more. After you have highlighted your cheekbones, take 2 fluffy brushes and apply a matte powder to the places you’d normally contour. The contrast between shimmer and matte makes your highlighted face look even bolder and stronger.

Multi Masking

multi masking technique

One beauty treatment is just not enough to address all our facial skin issues. In this technique, you use different formulas or masks simultaneously on the problem areas of your face. For example, you can go for a clarifying mask around your oily T-zone and a hydrating mask for your dry cheeks. This technique may be puzzling but is the most effective way to address every facial skin issue and help your skin get better and look better.



Sparkling is a technique that uses over-the-top glitters and not the subtle ones! You could use sequins, rhinestones or anything that glitters and is chunky. You can use some lash glue to place sequins anywhere on your body or your face. This technique might not be feasible to incorporate in our lives but people in show business experts swear by this one.

Ice Cream Nails

ice cream nails

This is perfect for this season of scorching heat. Paint your nails in beige shade. Then use a darker shade of brown to paint diagonal strokes across the lower half of your nail. Then use your favourite pastel shade to make dripping design like that of an ice-cream. You can use little beads to put on wet pastel nail polish for a shinning effect.


Squinching before and after

This is not exactly a beauty technique. It is a technique that our beloved stars and Instagram stars use for perfect photographs. It was coined by photographer Peter Hurley. He says that having wide eyes in a photograph makes you look weak or scared, and Squinching is all about closing your eyes a little for softer and natural-looking photographs. All you need to do is narrow the distance between your lower eyelid and your pupil. Now, bring the top eyelid down. Now pose!

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