6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Seeing Any Results from your Current Skin Care Routine

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Everyone wants flawless skin, but then you have to work a little to achieve that.  It’s not possible to have perfect skin without making any efforts. A lot of us already have a fixed skin care routine and there are few of us who are not getting results out of it at all. I was at a stage when I thought I found the right products for my skin, but after 2 months, I realized that I wasn’t seeing any changes in my skin at all.  There might be little things that you would need to change to see results in your skin and I am here to talk about 6 reasons that you need to take stock of:

6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Seeing Any Results from your Current Skin Care Routine

1. You are not using the right products:  We all have different skin types and textures. If you read rave reviews about a cream on the internet, you need to check first whether it’s meant for your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin and you have been using an oil-based cream, then you need to stop. Start using a cream which is water based and then you will see the difference in your skin! This method has worked amazingly for me.


2. Changing your skin care routine too much:  Yes, if you are constantly experimenting with tons of products in and out, it can effect your skin. You should refrain from using different products at one go. Stick to a single skin care routine religiously for 3 months to get proper results. It takes a little time for the products to work on your skin. So, be patient and follow the skin care routine properly.


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3. Not eating well?:  If you have been skipping vegetables and fruits and not drinking enough water, then it’s easy guess why your skin is behaving badly. You might use tons of high-end products on your face, but if your skin is not happy from the inside, you will not see any results. Make sure you maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water to see magic on  your skin.


4. Bacteria! – If you are applying creams with your hands without washing it on a face packed with dust, then girl, you are collecting bacteria on your face! ALWAYS cleanse your face well to take off any excess make-up or dust and wash your hands. Once you are completely sure that your face is clean, then go ahead and rub in your skin care products. Such little things matter a lot!

5. Hormonal changes:  Those days of the months when you want to spend your days with just a bottle of Nutella. When you are in this week or if your dates are near, there are chances that your skin care routine might be ditching you. This is due to the hormonal changes happening in your body. Do not worry, once this phase is over, you will be back on track! Also, there are several other reasons when women have hormonal changes and during such times, there is a strong possibility that your skin could go against your will.

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6. Weather can change your skin type:  During the winter season, my oily skin tends to become combination. When the weather changes, you have to make changes in your skin care routine too. You don’t have to change your routine entirely, but a few products need to be switched up.

If you make these changes and keep these simple tips in mind, you would love the way your skin looks 🙂

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