6 Refreshing DIY Ice Cube Facial Recipes for Summer

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Everyone knows the benefits of an ice cube facial. Ice cubes are quite popular for smoothening and reducing the appearance of pores. Also, it can reduce the redness and inflammation caused by the acne. And, when the temperature is soaring, nothing can make your skin feel better than an ice cube. So, if just a plain ice cube can do so much for your skin then, herb/flavour-infused ice cubes can definitely do wonders. These ice cube recipes need a one-time effort and go on for a long time, plus they are easy to make. You can also prepare large batches and stock them up for a week, so you can pop out an ice cube whenever you want. Here are 6 DIY ice cube facial recipes to make your skin feel refreshed this summer.

6 Refreshing DIY Ice Cube Facial Recipes for Summer2

1. Basil leaves-aloe vera ice cubes:

Well, we all know that basil leaves are effective in controlling the excess oil and treating the acne, and who doesn’t want these two things in the summer. It is also quite potent in antioxidants. On the other hand, aloe vera gel soothes and calms the skin while treating the acne.

How to make: Take a handful of basil leaves and a half cup of water. Grind them together in the food processor. Add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel in it and pour the concoction into the ice tray to freeze.

6 Refreshing DIY Ice Cube Facial Recipes for Summer3

2. Green tea-lemon juice ice cubes:

Green tea helps in repairing the skin by protecting it against the free radicals. It refreshes the skin in no time, and its antibacterial property removes the acne causing bacteria from the skin. While, on the other hand, lemon helps in lightening your skin and provides you with a glowing skin as well.

How to make: Brew a strong cup of green tea, and let it cool down. Later, squeeze out the juice from a half sliced lemon in the tea. Pour the mixture into the ice tray and let it freeze.

6 Refreshing DIY Ice Cube Facial Recipes for Summer

3. Cucumber-honey ice cubes:

Cucumber and honey are wonderful natural cleansers. Cucumber has astringent properties that reduce the appearance of pores. Not to mention, it also balances the oil secretion. On the other hand, honey moisturizes the skin, and its antibacterial property protects the skin from acne-causing bacteria.

How to make: Puree a peeled cucumber and add two tablespoons of honey in it. Mix well and pour the mixture into an ice tray.

4. Pineapple juice-lemon zest ice cubes:

Pineapple contains alpha hydroxyl acid in the form of citric acid. It is quite popular for skin lightening properties. It can effectively treat the scars, spots, and other skin discolorations. Lemon peel will help in skin exfoliation, and it contains more antioxidants and vitamin C than lemon juice.

How to make: Take two tablespoons of lemon zest and a half cup of pineapple juice. Mix them together. Later, pour the mixture into the ice tray and let it freeze.

5. Watermelon-mint leaves ice cubes:

Watermelon is a rich source of potassium and vitamin A, B and C. Being rich in vitamin C, watermelon kicks the production of collagen in the body. Lycopene and beta-carotene present in the watermelon treat the sunburns effectively. Mint leaves have astringent properties and help in treating the acne. Also, it balances the oil secretion as well.

How to make: Take few cubes of watermelon and a handful of mint leaves. Grind them together in the food processor. It is not necessary to make the puree from them. Pour the mixture into the ice tray and let it freeze.

6. Chamomile tea-rose petal ice cubes:

Chamomile tea soothes the skin and aids in skin brightening. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin very well. Chamomile also lightens dark spots and scars as it bleaches them naturally. Apart from this, it is quite potent in fighting acne and keeping them at bay. Rose petals soothe the skin and repair the damage while providing a glow to it.

How to make: Brew a strong cup of chamomile tea and pour it over a few dried rose petals. Let the rose petals steep in the chamomile tea. Later, when the concoction cools down, pour it into the ice tray and freeze it. If you are using fresh rose petals, then pour the cold chamomile tea over them and allow it to infuse for 15-30 minutes and then, pour the mixture into the ice tray.

6 Refreshing DIY Ice Cube Facial Recipes for Summer1

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