6 Secret Uses for Your Everyday Beauty Products

Hi girls,

Sometimes we own too many beauty products and fail to really use them all completely. In such cases, rather than throwing your products out, learn their alternate uses. In this post, I am revealing six secret uses of your everyday beauty products.

Face cleansers

For my friends who own more than 3-4 bottles of face cleansers but don’t use most of them, here is a tip. Pour a small quantity of your cleanser on a pumice stone and use it to scrub your feet nicely. You will be amazed to see how soft and clean your feet become. Try this trick every night before going to bed to see best results.


I own a few lipsticks which have become too soft and hence they do not stay in the bullets steadily. If you also have such lipsticks, here is what you can do. Scoop out your lipstick bullet with a large spoon. Move the spoon over a lighted candle for less than a minute or until the lipstick liquefies. Now pour this into a small clean container and let it set. You can form a small, travel-friendly lipstick palette this way.

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So, one of your toner is about to reach its expiry date and the bottle is still almost full? Here is what you can do. Since most toners have a nice fragrance to them, you can convert them into a body mist. Spray one of your toners on your clothes, especially on nightwear. If you do not like this idea, you can use your toner to make your wardrobe fresh and fragrant.

Dark lipstick shades

Everyone loves dark lipsticks but wearing such shades is a task. Now you can use your dark lipsticks everyday. How? Apply a nude lipstick over your dark lipstick to make it subtle and wearable. You will be amazed to see the final result.


Here is a wonderful tip for expired mascaras. Use them to instantly touch up your greys. Mascaras can easily cover grey hair without damaging it or taking too much time. It is a perfect tip for days when you just do not have enough time to dye your hair completely.


Convert a strong perfume fragrance into a light body mist by spraying a few ounces of the desired perfume and adding distilled water or rose water to it. Pour this into a spray bottle and use it for those light moments and remain fresh.

Hope you liked my tips. If you know more such tips, share them with me. 🙂


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