6 Signs You Might Be ‘Skinny Fat’



Skinny can be such a deceiving word. Just because you look skinny doesn’t mean that you’ve a healthy body. Yes girls, there is something called ‘skinny-fat’. This means that you appear skinny but you’ve a body which is mushy and lacks the firmness which should exist. This means that the person refrains from weight training and a protein-rich diet. The muscle and fat ratio is way off in the body, and skinny fat people possess many health characteristics as someone who is overweight or obese – such as having a high percentage of body fat, high cholesterol, or hypertension. It’s mostly common in older women but now it’s becoming quite common among the youngsters too. So let’s find out how can we tell whether we’re skinny-fat.

6 Signs You Might Be 'Skinny Fat'

First of all, people becomes skinny-fat mainly because of three reasons:
1. They severely restrict their calories.
2. They do large amounts of cardio.
3. They do little-to-no resistance training.

Now when we know the reasons, here are the signs that’ll will determine whether you’re skinny-fat:

1. Flabby arms

If the back of your arms are loose and hangs down, it is a sign of skinny fat. It is generally an indication of growth hormone and testosterone. Younger men generally have firm biceps as they have the adequate amount of testosterone for a tighter, leaner body. This is generally prevalent in older men and women and younger inactive women. Proper weight training can tighten the triceps.

2. Weak muscles

fit woman weight training

You’ve muscles in your body but they are kind of weak. The person prefers long duration aerobic exercises. To increase strength in your muscles, substitute the aerobic exercises for resistance weight training. Also, include proteins in your diet to increase strength.

3. % body fat

Another way is to find out the amount of body fat and the amount of muscles in your body. Unlike body mass index, it is a very useful method of measurement. If the % body fat is greater than 25%, it is highly likely that you’re skinny-fat.

4. Fat accumulation in the middle

skinny woman tummy fat

If your arms and legs are thin, and you’ve a tendency to accumulate fat in the middle, i.e. around the stomach and love handles, this is an indication of high-stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline. These hormones tend to break down the muscles and store fat, and make you malnourished in the long run.

5. You don’t eat a healthy diet

skinny fat woman

Maybe you’re able to eat burgers and guzzle sodas without gaining a pound. Or maybe you count your calories, but you fill up on white bread and junk food rather than fruits and veggies. Either way, consuming too much sugar and fat – and not enough vitamins, fibre, and lean protein — can damage your organs and raise your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more.

6. You have a family history

If a parent or sibling has developed diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol (no matter what his or her size was), you may be genetically predisposed to these conditions, as well. Maintaining a normal weight will certainly lower your risk, but it will be most effective if you do it in a healthy way – through exercise and a balanced diet.

Get up, lift some weights! Tone your body and move from skinny-fat to perfectly fit.

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