6 Silly Mistakes that Ruin Your Efforts to Lose Weight

By Priyanka Dixit

Hello everyone,

Slim and toned body is everyone’s priority these days. We all try to maintain our bodies by working out and by eating right, but there are a few mistakes that can ruin our efforts. Weight loss is, no doubt, a huge task and involves a lot of hard work. So take a look at these points and avoid making these mistakes for best results.

6 Silly Mistakes that Ruin Your Efforts to Lose Weight

1. Neglecting sugar

In the race to lose weight, many people stop consuming all sorts of sugar. But, did you know your body needs the sugar that fruits and vegetables carry? So instead of skipping everything, include fresh fruits and veggies. This will maintain your sugar level and keep your energy level high too. But, don’t forget that moderation is the key.

2. Skipping breakfast

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Breakfast is the most essential meal of our day. Heavy breakfast makes us healthy and keeps us active throughout the day. Some people refuse to eat breakfast for they think this habit will keep them slim, but this could be dangerous. Our body needs essential nutrients like proteins, fibre etc and lack of nutrition will only make you sick. So instead of skipping breakfast, choose healthy breakfast options. The more full you are in the morning, the less likely you are to crave for unhealthy foods later in the day.

3. Cheat days

We all are allowed to have cheat days on certain days to curb our cravings but over indulging in your favorite fast food on such days could ruin all your previous efforts. So instead of having a full day dedicated to your favorite burgers and pizzas, i.e. a cheat day, go for a cheat meal. This way you can compensate for this by working out a little harder the next day.

4. Moving but only in the gym

I have seen a lot of people working out like freaks in the gym but not picking up even a spoon at them homes. Of course hours of weight training, cardio and yoga will pay you off but slacking off the entire day won’t. So keep moving, get your own groceries, park away from your office, pay attention to cleaning and dusting your home, and do other household chores. The more active you become the more benefits you will see.

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5. Continuation

weight loss quote
Some people do not take weight loss seriously and hence are not continuous in their workouts. Weight loss is easy if you take it seriously and follow it like your other routine work. Don’t think working out on any two odd days in a month will reap you any results. Make a routine and stick to it. A little by little you will reach your destination, i.e. weight loss. Make weight loss a lifestyle choice and stick to it like you would stick to your regular facials.

6. Giving up too soon

Don’t compare your results to someone else’s. The amount of weight you gain or lose depends a lot on your inner systems like hormones and heredity. So instead of getting demotivated for your friend lost more weight than you in the same time period, focus on changing your routine and improving your diet. If you keep giving up every now and then, you will never be able to reach your desired weight goal, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. Also, don’t forget – you didn’t gain that much weight in a few day, so you can’t lose it in a few days either.

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  1. brilliant tips priyanka. I myself am guilty of sitting on my laptop for wayy too long. totally taking it as a reminder. thanks a ton for this post. very useful. 🙂

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