6 Simple Ways to Sport Colored Eyeliners at Work

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Hey, IMBBians!

Today’s post will be a much asked and oft-ignored makeup query – How can I wear colored liners to work without looking Over the Top. Colored eyeliners bring so much depth and drama to your eye makeup. With a few simple tweaks, you can easily wear it to your office. Still confused? Fret not, as I have the perfect tips up my sleeve and I am more than happy to share these with you.


Read on to know more.

1. Choose One Statement Makeup a Day:

While dressing for the office, remember you are a professional and not a runway model. So, balance your makeup and make sure your makeup isn’t loud or catchy. If you are opting for a power pout, go for simple mascara on your eyes. This way your look will be put together and not very attention seeking.


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2. Find Colors that Suit You and Complement your Eyes:

We all have colors which bring out the beauty in our features. I personally feel emerald, purple and turquoise Eyeliners look more appealing to me than blue and brown. Finding a color family that works for you is half the job done.

3. Balance with Black:

This is the tip I swear by. Because wearing colored eyeliners on your upper lids and lower lash line might be tricky for the formal atmosphere, balance it with a black liner or kohl. So, wear a black liner on your lid and line your lower lash line with a gorgeous colored liner or try the other way round.


4. Choose the Finishes with Care:

Since the market is flooded with liners of different finishes, opt for matte or slightly satiny finishes. Steer clear of sparkles and glimmers that are better suited for wedding and parties. A navy blue, sea green and lively violet in matte effect are versatile colors to team up with your work wardrobe.

5. Look for Smudgeproof and Long Staying Liners:

This is definitely a necessity for colored liners, especially if you are wearing them to work. Whether you are stuck at a 9 to 5 job or meeting exciting people, smudging and smeared liner is the last thing you would want. So, instead of making your eyes a colorful mess, look for crease-resistant, long staying and smudge-proof liners.


6. Know the Color Combos that Work in Sync:

Many people are confused about this rule and hence, I will explain this in detail. Certain colors look best in pairs and can be pulled off by anyone. They don’t look overdone or overdramatic if balanced with the right makeup. Like charcoal and green make a great combination and can be worn on a not-so-formal day. On the other hand, golden and purple might look great with your dazzling ethnic wear but can’t be worn to work.


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