6 Summer Makeup Trends That Will Be Big in 2017

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Today’s post is all about the makeup and beauty trends that are likely to be all the rage this summer. As we already know, the shift from winter to summer sees a drastic change not only in the way we dress, but also in the kind of makeup we sport. From hairstyles and skincare to the choice of lipsticks and nail colours, things are very likely to switch up in order to be summer ready.

6 Summer Makeup Trends That Will Be Big in 2017

Let’s take a look at these summer makeup trends that are likely to be quite popular this year. This will also give you a useful overview of everything, if you’re planning to try some of these trends out this season.

1. Glossy pink lips: The summer time is all about those pink, coral, orange and berry lipsticks. While the colour spectrum of those bright colours is going to be very much in vogue this season, glossy lips are making a comeback after a long time. Matte lips and liquid lipsticks that set quite dry have been ruling the beauty world for a while, but this summer, you will notice that many brands are releasing super glossy and moisturizing lipsticks.


2.  Bronzer infused moisturizer:  Glowing, radiant and dewy skin is going to be all the rage this summer. A bronzed glow to the skin is going to make it look healthy and naturally radiant. Things like leg makeup are going to be big, especially with outfits like short dresses. It’s really very easy to give your skin that illumined, “bronzed” look. All you need to do is mix a little bit of liquid bronzer (or even a foundation that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone) and apply it on your arms and legs.

3. Bright, electric eyes: Stark, black liquid liner is a makeup classic, but you may want to take a little break from it during the hot summer months. One of the easiest and most fun ways to add vibrancy to your summer makeup look is by wearing eyeliner is bright, electric colours like electric blue, sea blue, forest green, violet, etc. You could opt for a pen liquid liner or a gel liner for this to add intensity and glamour to your look without putting in too much effort.


4.  ‘No makeup’ makeup: There’s nothing quite as refreshing (and apt) as the ‘no makeup’ look in the summer season. Go for a fresh and dewy base (using a BB cream or a CC cream), spot conceal where required, add a few coats of mascara to your lashes and go for muted and glossy pink lips. You could also add a hint of blush if you like.

5.  Illuminating blush: The summer season is when you will want to consider cutting down on the number of cheek products that you use. Blush, bronzer and highlighter can be too heavy to use at once. One of the best ways to get the effects of the three by using only one product is to use an illuminating blush. A baked blush is a great option for this purpose. This will add just the right amount of both colour and glow to complete the perfect summer makeup look.

Illuminating blush

6.  Minimal eyeshadow: In keeping with the minimalist trend that will rule this summer season, elaborate makeup looks that use multiple eyeshadows will also take a backseat. To add depth and definition to your eyes, use a single pot of cream eyeshadow in a muted bronze-brown shade. This will give you the effect that multiple eyeshadows would, while still keeping things quite clean and simple.

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