6 Superb Tips That’ll Help You Choose The Perfect Bronzer

Choosing the best bronzer can be a little tricky. It is just so important to choose the right color to have a natural glow without any fail. A quick and most useful tip would be to use as little product as possible so that it looks natural. Remember, a product is always buildable if required. The second most essential thing is whether you know your skin type and skin tone well. But if you feel there still are chances of failure, follow these tips for that amazing, sun-kissed look.

kylie jenner bronzer

1. Keep Your Skin Type in Mind

types of brinzers

• Those with oily and combination skin, go for pressed-powder bronzers.
• Those with normal to dry skin should go with cream-to-powder formulas.
• And those with acne-prone skin can go with bronzing gels or liquids.

2. Choose The Right Shade

The basic rule – getting a bronzer that’s one or two shade darker than your natural skin color. Don’t use a shade that is more than two shades deeper than your skin tone as it will look very made-up and fake. Also, look for those bronzers which reflect multiple shades. When it’s pre-blended for you, it looks more natural compared to the one with a single shade, which looks more like an artificial blot.

fair skin

3. Fair Skin Tones

Women on the fairer side should use a sheer and slightly tinted bronzer. They shouldn’t go on the heavy side.

bronzer for medium skin

4. Medium Skin Tones

Women with medium complexion should look for an earthy-colored bronzer, on the more copperish side for it to strike natural.

bronzer dark skin

5. Darker Skins

Women with darker skin should try something on the chocolaty-brown side. Those bronzers will complement the skin tone while enhancing it even further.

6. Bronzer for Contouring


Once you have discovered the right shade, it can actually be used for more than just adding a glow. You can actually go ahead and use it to sculpt your face and give that chiseled look. You can further add dimension to your face and define or uplift your cheekbones, slim your nose and cut that double chin if you use the bronzer in the right manner.

To exactly hit the bronzer at the right place, look out for where the shadows on your face would naturally fall and use that as a guide for contouring and to add dimension where you need it.

PS : Make sure to always check out your bronzer in natural lighting before stepping out.

I am sure your bronzer game will always be on point if you go for these tips. Make it look as natural as ever, and enhance your confidence. 🙂

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