6 Tips for Whitehead-Prone Skin

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Everyone has different skin issues to deal with. Some are less alarming and some need immediate action to nip them in their bud. For me these days it is whiteheads. Some dermatologists say it depends on your genes. I didn’t know that until I read it. So, it means if your mother’s skin is whiteheads prone, chances are high your will be too. In this post, I will share some tips to keep your skin whiteheads free and also we are going to begin with some basic knowledge about these nasty whiteheads to up our skin GK quotient!

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What are Whiteheads?

Showing up as a tiny white spot, a whitehead is something which is formed when extra oil from your sebaceous glands clogs up a pore or a hair follicle. This sebum plus bacteria and other impurities like dead skin, dust particles etc add to its formation. The same whitehead when gets exposed to air become black in colour hence called a blackhead. Listed down below are the tips you need to curb these whiteheads.

1. Keep that extra sebum off your skin

The natural oils of your skin are very important to maintain its elasticity and youthfulness. But, the excess sebum is the root cause of whiteheads. So, you need to wash your face thrice a day i.e. once in the morning, once in the evening and once before you go to bed. Make sure you have a skin care routine which includes a face-wash with salicylic acid, a whitehead preventing toner and a hydrating moisturiser which has to be non- comedogenic. Exfoliating three times a week should be a part of your skin care routine.

2. Keep clay and charcoal face mask or packs handy

Using such face masks or packs thrice a week is a must for a whiteheads prone skin. Clay absorbs extra sebum and charcoal removes impurities from deep within the pores. You can buy readymade masks and packs but homemade recipes are always preferred. Reason being , they are inexpensive, very less like to cause a reaction and customized a lot according to your needs. One recommendation here is to get the Glamglow mud mask. It is a holygrail product for whiteheads and also keeps skin blemish free.

3. Eat healthy

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The condition of your skin reflects your food habits a lot. Increase the intake of water, add a lemon wedge to add the ‘detox’ advantage every once in a while. Eat fresh fruits and vegetable salads on a daily basis. Cut on your junk food, binge eating for the sake your skin. If you have been suffering constipation and your digestive system goes yaba-daba-doo very frequently, please get it treated because bad digestion leads to bad skin.

4. Stop picking

Some of us can’t help ourselves from picking whiteheads and then we are left with holes. They are really very unattractive yet a cosy home for bacteria and dust, leading to worse problem like painful pimples. For me, I do a crazy trick to get my popping whiteheads out. I use my TBS Camomile cleansing oil with some coconut oils and starts massaging my skin. I don’t know how but my whiteheads come out easily this way. After that I wash my face with Garnier Pure Neem Facewash to get rid of oil and keep my skin squeaky clean. Picking will only worsen your skin condition.

5. Take your makeup off without a miss

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If your skin is whiteheads prone, taking off your makeup at the end of the day is of utmost importance. Just one night you sleep with your makeup on, and the next day there are a dozen of whiteheads ready to greet you an exciting day ahead. Bioderma Micellar Water is a great makeup remover for all skin types.

6. Don’t skip your moisturiser

You may not believe it but, skipping moisturiser can give you more whiteheads than what usually your skin produces. Want to know the reason? To compensate for the dryness your skin produces more oil. So, more active sebaceous glands mean more whiteheads due to clogging of pores. However, you need to choose your moisturiser wisely. It should be light in consistency and with a mix of anti-acne ingredients. You can go for a serum if you feel moisturiser is not your thing for day time because of a serum’s lightness and deep penetration. Never forget a sun block no matter what your skin type and condition is.

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  1. Due to my laziness, i do not remove my makeup at night 🙁 i will have to do it right now to avoid the stubborn white/blackheads

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