6 Tips on How to Refresh and Recharge on Sundays


Hi Everyone, 🙂
Hope you all are having a good Sunday. Although all of us work on Sundays on IMBB but somehow the day Sunday switches on that ‘relax- refresh’ mode on the head. So I personally take out time for myself on Sundays to pamper myself. I am the biggest bath person you’d ever know. I can spend hours in my bath pampering myself and doing a lot of thinking work. Somehow a good long shower puts me in a slow mode compared to the otherwise fast life that I lead. So here are my quick tips on how you can also relax and refresh yourself for the busy week ahead.
I would love to know your tips too as well. 🙂
But First, put on some nice relaxing music. 🙂

  1. Bath Salts : If you can, just run a good bath, put some bath salt, light and candle and may be read a book. You’d be so relaxed that all you’d want to do is snuggle in your bed and go off to sleep. Loving these bath salts by Kama.
  2. Body Scrub : Since the time I have discovered The Body Shop Bath Gloves, I have not gone back to using the traditional scrubs available in the market. I use a good body wash and I’d spend time scrubbing away all the dead skin cells…slowly and taking all my time.
  3. Body Massage : I somehow never enjoy getting body massages done at spas. It’s once in a while I’d really go and get one.I mean I should totally do that but I end up feeling trapped most of time. Damn! 😛 Does anyone else also feel like that? I like to spend time moisturising and pampering myself at home itself. During the week is quick apply and get down to work. But one day you got to give yourself some time. Your body would thank you for it.
  4. Hair Mask : I mostly wash my hair twice or thrice a week. But Sunday I’d spend a bit more time may be applying some warm oil to my hair. If not that I’d put a good hair mask post wash. I am loving using this Aesop Rose Mask.
  5. Face Mask : Post bath is a good time to scrub your face and apply a nice face mask. Since your pores are open from a warm bath, your skin absorbs the products better. I am so loving this Tofu Soy Milk Cream Mask I picked up from Thailand. Although it is an overnight mask but I mostly use it during the day.Leaves my skin baby soft.
  6. Hands and Feet : Give a good scrub to your hands and feet as well. Out on some cuticle oil, nail hardener and some good nail paint. I love cuticle oil and nail hardener from Inglot. The two nail paints shown are Essie Eternal Optimist and In Stitches.

Have good Sunday you all. :))

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9 thoughts on “6 Tips on How to Refresh and Recharge on Sundays

  1. I loved this post.Its a good read especially after my Sunday routine :-).
    Could you please post your special skin care regime after holidays as well?

    Usually when I am back from holidays,my skin would be tanned and tired.I will be super busy after the vacation break and usually have a tired face almost a month :-(. As you are someone who travels more often,hopefully may have a post holiday routine.. Will be helpful if you could share please..

  2. Hi Rati.. Dis looks awesome… I opt for hair spas… N face packs.. I hav one on my face right now as I type dis… ;-)…. I Wud luv to try des KAMA salts… And tofu mask…

  3. Hi Rati,

    On Sundays I go for full body massage and keep the oil for almost an hour. As I stay in London and during winter my skin get super dry and then I take a bath with bath salt in it.

    You have a happy Sunday!

  4. Thanks Ratiji,

    Totally agree, our body needs this care, attention and extra pampering if not once a week, at least twice a month for sure. I also like to spend weekends relaxing, one weekend if my pampering my hair, another weekend I am busy with my nails or scrubbing and moisturiser my face and body.


  5. How do I de-stress on a Sunday? Hmmmmm….I am a mother of 2 kids under 6yrs. I de-stress by thinking of the coming Monday! Enough said!! ????????????

  6. I love applying oil to my hair on Sundays and I have so many different ones that its fun to choose one that i am in a mood for. I warm it up slightly before applying and massaging and leave for an hour or two. Once every couple of weeks I do a facial at home (VLCC Insta glow). Not every Sunday is a Facial day but the hair oil is a must. Because of the oily hair my bath time is longer 🙂 I love Shower gels and I have a couple of good ones from Palmolive and Body Shop.

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