6 Tips to Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin


Aren’t we all in a constant state of self-skepticism? ‘I wish my nose was sharper’, ‘my jaws were chiselled’, ‘my skin blemish free’, ‘my hair straighter’ and the stupidest one ‘I wish I were fairer’. Perhaps we have envisaged some photoshopped version of our beauty with our features perfect to a T. And we are all chasing this utopian ideal of beauty. Recently Rati mam did this beautiful makeup look called ‘Perfection is Boring‘. Don’t you think she looked utterly charming and beautiful? Her bold message was loud and clear – celebrate the real beauty that every woman naturally has. So here are a few tips to embrace what you have and be beautiful in your own skin.

Look into the mirror more often

Falling in love with yourself is the first step in discovering your beauty. Know every tiny bit of your skin – the tiny mole on your chin to the way your strands fall across your forehead. Your mirror is your truest admirer and biggest critic.

Don’t use makeup to hide yourself

Makeup should be used to enhance what you have, not to make you look like a completely different person. Instead of hiding under layers of makeup, use makeup to highlight and accentuate your best features. Do not let makeup mask the features that make you look like ‘YOU’.

Embrace your looks

Instead of cribbing and crying over your not-so-perfect features, embrace your beauty. The arch of your brows, the lift of your nose, the contour of your face and your skin tone each uniquely define who you are. Accept and appreciate your looks – they are a part of you.

Accept that change is inevitable

Accept that change is the way of life and is inevitable. You will age with time, your features might look slightly different with time and your skin might change its tone over the years. These changes are inherent to everyone and are a part and parcel of the evolution.

Start caring for yourself

A good skin care regimen, healthy diet, correct lifestyle choices with lower booze and more sleep and exercise: these are all you need to look radiant and glowing. It’s never too late to make a difference, hence start right away and within a month you can see the transformation.

Don’t be fooled by magazine covers and photos of celebs

Magazine covers fake it till they make it. The long shapely legs, cellulite free arms and thighs, perfect hourglass figure, flawless skin and voluminous satiny hair sound too good to be true? They probably are! Most celebs use HD makeup and artificial lights for photoshoots and magazines edit images until they conform to their standards of beauty. So just read them and trash them. Work out and look after yourself, but don’t chase the standards set by them.

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